Kaelani FINALLY Moves into the Georgia State dorms! She made it! She’s a college FRESHMAN!

May 31, 2012 Comments Off on Kaelani FINALLY Moves into the Georgia State dorms! She made it! She’s a college FRESHMAN!
Kaelani FINALLY Moves into the Georgia State dorms! She made it! She’s a college FRESHMAN!

As the stereotype goes my daughter is a teenage mom. That means she is supposed to be sitting somewhere with her baby, uneducated and receiving food stamps and any type of government assistance she can get her hands on, right? She’s supposed to work a dead-end job and going to college is a far-fetched idea since she’s got a baby to support, right? Oh yeah, and she’s definitely supposed to get pregnant again before her baby turns a year old, right?

Well that’s the stereotype but here’s the reality

This is MY child and although she made a decision to have a baby well before she should have, she is going to be successful and I will die trying to get her where she needs to be. That’s what moms do!

So having another baby is OUT and going to college is in and the ONLY way it was gonna be. And as far as food stamps, I am proud to say my daughter has not ever collected any food stamps and doesn’t rely on government assistance. She doesn’t need the GOVERNMENT. She’s GOT ME!

And today was the proudest day of my life when I walked my daughter Kaelani into Georgia State University and unloaded all of her clothes and things she needs for her new life as a Georgia State University Freshman.

Boom! POW! Fireworks! Cartwheels!

It was tough though. Before she went to the dorms we took Madisyn to daycare for the FIRST time. And it was hard for her to leave her baby girl.

But as you can see, Madisyn was all smiles and already having a good time at daycare!

Yes she’s living ON CAMPUS and will fully assume life the way it was supposed to be a year ago when she graduated from high school. She is going to COLLEGE just like she is supposed to do. And I have made a commitment to make this fully happen for her by making a sacrifice in my own life. My grandbaby will live with me full-time and I will raise her and give her love and security and those good-ole grandmom hugs and kisses while her mom works hard at getting a degree so Madisyn can live a great life in four short years from now.

Yes my daughter and I have had a tough road to get to this point, including the fact that things were so rough she moved in with her father in Virginia and got pregnant before she graduated from high school. And as a mom, that decision has haunted me because I KNOW for a fact if she were still here with me those last years she would have never gotten pregnant. I’m a tough cookie and I was tough on my daughter for a reason. But it’s okay. Everytime I look into Madisyn’s beautiful face I KNOW it’s okay. I love this baby. And it’s my pleasure to take excellent care of her. I’m glad that I have the opportunity to keep her safe from harm and look over her while her mom works on her life. I wouldn’t have it any other way. If anyone is going to take care of this baby, it HAS to be me. And I am totally okay with that.

The main thing is, as tough as the road has been, I see that light.

I did it. ME and Kaelani did it.

Now she is on her way to getting a college degree at a great school. For those who THOUGHT she would amount to nothing really don’t understand who her mother is. :) I am NOT going to stand by and allow my daughter to go down the wrong road and suffer. I will do everything in my power to help her do well in her life.

But she has to want it too. And Kaelani is definitely at a point where she wants to do nothing more than get a degree and build a stable life for herself and her child. Well Kae, you are on your way! We did it girl! You are a Georgia State University freshman! Don’t ever let anyone tell you what you CAN’T DO! Times will get rough but you already know I’m here and I’ve got your back and really, that’s all you need, hun.

Now go show Georgia State what you’re made of! I’m SO proud of you today Kae. FINALLY YOU MADE IT! In the words of Kanye, “They can’t tell you nothing!” LOVE YOU!

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