VOTE @KiaMorganSmith for @EnlistMoms Motivated Moms Who Give Back Award!

June 5, 2012 Comments Off on VOTE @KiaMorganSmith for @EnlistMoms Motivated Moms Who Give Back Award!
VOTE @KiaMorganSmith for @EnlistMoms Motivated Moms Who Give Back Award!

Believe it or not, it is very weird to see things written about you saying you’re doing amazing things. Quite wonderful but weird. Is this how celebrities feel?

I know I’m doing something that truly helps people over at Atlanta Diaper Relief. But everyday I am so consumed with doing the business portion that I often don’t see or internalize the true impact of the work I’m doing. And I’m sure any business owner would say the same thing. You ever see that show Undercover Boss. Their lives change once they go behind the scenes and truly get to understand the people, the impact and the lives they touch. However, I do get to hear personal stories and interact with the families who are in need of diapers more often than not.

And I often get to see the babies who are wearing those diapers at the daycare centers when I deliver them. I’m very hands on. But some days when I’m grinding and fighting to make a difference and when I struggle through the pains of growing this business it often feels like I’m not making a difference at all.

But I am so honored and proud that my friends and people around me see it differently and encourage me everyday to keep going and pushing.

And just yesterday it was revealed in an email that my good friend, blogger Meghan Cooper over at, nominated me for Enlist Mom’s, Motivated Moms Award: Moms Who Give Back!  I am truly thankful to Meghan for taking notice of the work that I do and thinking so much to take an extra step to nominate me in this way. Meghan’s a mom of now two beautiful girls after just recently giving birth to a baby girl Adelia a little sooner than she thought she would. She is an amazing mom herself, blogger and superwoman who like me, is just trying to make sense in our world of mommy chaos!

The funny thing is when I got the email about the nomination, I was really not having a good day. At all. And to me that was God’s way of shaking me and waking me and telling me in HIS WAY that there is MUCH WORK TO BE DONE. No time for doom and gloom! It was time to shake off what had me in a funky mood, push out my chest and press on. (World domination is hard work, you know :)

So thank you Meghan for caring enough for this cause to recognize the work that is being done over at Atlanta Diaper Relief. PLEASE take a moment to vote for me HERE

And to everyone who has ever donated diapers, money, time or lended an ear, showed up at an event in support and just been there for me, YOU keep me MOTIVATED every single day. Thank you! Now please go and VOTE for me as a Motivated Mom who Gives Back and help me win some amazing prizes! :)

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