Ways Your Grown Child Is Taking Advantage of You!

August 29, 2015 Comments Off on Ways Your Grown Child Is Taking Advantage of You!
Ways Your Grown Child Is Taking Advantage of You!

Grown children are a trip. I’m writing this in humor but was inspired by my darling 22-year-old daughter Kaelani who moved back home in December. I’m actually happy she moved back home because I’ve been able to really help her get her life on track. Living on her own didn’t work out because she really didn’t have a solid system to get things done. Life ain’t as easy as our kids like to think. Simple things like paying a bill on time, working and going to school while raising a kid can become REALLY complicated. But I’m proud of her because for the most part she has been able to pull it together, maintain a job and she’s working her way back to college. But dammit, then there’s that factor that eludes her: the part where she STILL has to actually be grown! Like the fact that I actually EXPECT things from her that I don’t from my younger kids — LIKE MONEY and basic help! LOL! Anyway I’ve outlined some things to examine if you’re being taken advantage of by your grown ass kid.

My Time Is My Time. Your Time Is BORROWED Time!

Um, will someone tell the grown child that time is a valuable thing. It’s more valuable than the money said child doesn’t have! With that said, your grown child is totally taking advantage of you if they think they can drop demands left and right and expect you to jump like a frog. It doesn’t work that way and feel no obligation to do anything at their demand. Grown children are expected to be just that– GROWN. They can respectfully ask you to do something, take them somewhere or better yet, put their requests on your already busy calendar and maybe you’ll consider fulfilling them. Ya know, mommas are busy these days cooking and cleaning and taking care of the rowdy brood. We don’t have time really to stop, drop and roll out the door at a grown child’s command. Now #CarryOn!

This Ain’t The Ritz Carlton!

Excuse me. While your grown child is living in the lap of luxury with a home you are paying for, water that pours out of the shower by the gallons but ain’t free, and electric that runs like a marathoner, they are chilling and treating you like you’re room service at the Ritz. Oh no boo-boo. Your grown child and mine — because I have a 22-year-old who inspired this post– has got to get a rude awakening. It’s time to overturn some tables and act a fool so they remember WHO’S HOUSE they are in. Hopefully they will RUN away. It’s nothing but a sham to have a  grown child return home and live for free like they are still your responsibility. Don’t we parents have laws to protect us from squatters? Call 911.

BLEEP Betta Have My Money

Awe honey, I’m sorry. Yes you do have to pay for gas in the car I use to drive you to work. Oh yes, you do have to pay me a small fee and contribute to the household since, you know, you’re not out there scraping along and paying hundreds of dollars for an apartment or food or electric, or water or what not. You’re grown now. I’d love to you to be married now, but since you’re not chip, in and help out!

Say What? What Food?

Is you hungry? (I know that’s bad grammar) There’s a burger joint down the road and Papa Johns delivers. If you’re waiting for your hard-working mother to serve up a home cooked meal for you, I sure hope you’ve got some time because you’ll still be waiting come tomorrow. As a matter of fact, let me put my order in with you cause I’m hungry, about to put my feet up and I’ll wait while for you to serve me hand and foot. Remember, I am and always will be the Queen Bee up in this piece!

Pick Up, Clean Up. Everybody Do Your Share!

Didn’t our kids learn that song in preschool? Mine forgot it. Grown kids need to know that picking up means more than picking up your cup and putting it in the sink. The whole house becomes your cleaning domain and parents expect you to explore it by cleaning as many areas of it that you can. This is our way of showing you that we love you enough to allow you to live here in our CLEAN home. We would appreciate it if you didn’t dirty it up or leave stuff all around. A dirty house is a violation of your terms to live in your parents home. It can get you evicted with the quickness. Or you’ll have to pay a hefty fine and we all know how much you hate to come up off that money. So pick up, clean up. Do your DAMN share.

Leave a comment and let me know what else do GROWN KIDS take advantage of!

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