Love Across Colorlines: Kaelani and Michael Get Married!

April 11, 2016 2 Comments »
Love Across Colorlines: Kaelani and Michael Get Married!

I couldn’t be happier that love found its way into the hearts of two really good young people who deserve all the goodness that life can afford them. My daughter Kaelani fell head over hills for Michael Webb and he fell for her. Love has no color and the two pursued love without boundaries! Different races– but the same LOVE was in their heart and I’m glad that my daughter found someone who loves her completely–without prejudice or boundaries or conditions, which is sometimes hard for people to do in this weird and twisted world.

My heart is filled with joy and we love Michael like family. He is family. We embrace him and I’m glad they found each other. I am a big advocate of young love. I believe that young people should come up in the world together, learn from each other and build their empire. Yes it’s hard but if you stay true to one another and keep folks out your business and treat each other with respect and honor, then it can work. I was only 27 when I met my husband Rudy and now I’m 42 and we built a great life together. It can work! I believe it! I am so proud of Kaelani because although she made some mistakes early on, your past doesn’t define you–it PREPARES you. I made mistakes too early on. Got married at 19. Had a failed first marriage and a world of hardships. But so what. Those mistakes helped me grow into a better woman. I pray that Kaelani and Michael stay strong and continue to love and honor each other into old age! I wish an abundance of blessings on their marriage!

We started out the day at the Douglasville courthouse where the wedding ceremony was held…



Kae wedding-01

Kae n mike-02

Wed party-01

Mike fam-01

Kae mike sister-01



Kae and kids-02

The girls-01



We had a very nice lunch at the Swan Coach House in Atlanta and then took some wonderful pictures on the grounds of the Atlanta History Museum. 








Jojo kae-01


The wedding day is the first day I met Michael’s parents. This is his mother Sue. They are very sweet people too. It was such a wonderful day. My blessings to Kaelani and Michael Webb!



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  1. Tiffany Lewis April 11, 2016 at 9:19 pm -

    Congratulations Kaelani & Michael! Everything was so beautiful!

  2. cincomom April 11, 2016 at 9:22 pm -

    Thank you Tiffany!!