He Say vs She Say Battle of the Sexes Show Offers Saucy Relationship Advice Online

February 5, 2017 Comments Off on He Say vs She Say Battle of the Sexes Show Offers Saucy Relationship Advice Online
He Say vs She Say Battle of the Sexes Show Offers Saucy Relationship Advice Online

20170127_2014211(1)Deshai Cole, the Houston area socialite known for her saucy Ultimate Girls Night out events is back doing what she does best: dishing out expert sex advice on a new show the He Say VS She Say Battle of the Sexes!

DeShai Cole and DCB Entertainment are bringing a new web-series to the web this month in February. The web-series will offer male and female prospective on love, relationships and more. The He Say VS She Say Battle of the Sexes show will offer fun and funny content we can all relate to from a funny cast that looks just like us!

Here’s where you can get sex advice, tips or counseling if you need it! DeShai is known for helping people put a sparkle back into the love lives. Now she’s got a team to help get those love flames flaring! We talked to Deshai about the show:

1. So as you know the saying goes: Men are from Mars, women are from Venus. With He Say vs. She Say it seems like you all will be sharing insights into what makes men and women tick and I’m sure there will be very different perspectives. Tell us more about the show and what sets this show apart?

A: The He Say VS She Say Battle of the Sexes show will offer both male and female prospective on relationships and everything in between. We will produce a series of mini web-shows covering all kinds of topics.

2. Why did you decide to create this show? I love the conversation that happens when you get women and men together and wanted to do that on a bigger scale.

3. Men and women are always seem to be butting heads. We are definitely built differently. And people divorce faster than ever these days. But what are some secret recipes to your marital success with your husband Tim?

A: We are best friends and are always real and open with each other.  You have to keep the communication open. It isn’t always easy however we have mastered that and at the end of the day with each other is where we want to be.

4. Will the show be more informative, or on the funny side or both?

A: What do you think people will get out of it? The show will without a doubt offer funny content we want to make relationship and dating talk fun.

5. On the show what are some topics you will dive into and is there any topic you won’t talk about or that you consider taboo?

A: We cover bad valentines day gifts to “does penis size really matter?”. The show will also offer a scenario segment called “What Would You Do?” It’s funny to see the different prospective views on how to handle situations from both sexes.

6. What are some of the backgrounds of the men and women on the show? Are they all single and looking for love? Married? Or are they in and out of relationships? Long-term relationships?

A: The men and women are from all different backgrounds. People can meet the cast on our Instagram page this week @hesayshesay

7. How did you come up with the topics you will cover?

A: Myself along with the other producers came up with topics together. We just pulled from our real life experiences.

8. What is the most satisfying part about this new venture for you?

The internet allows creative souls like myself the chance to create, produce and share our art with the world. You don’t need the approval of a big network anymore you can just do it and I love that! Our facebook group already has a audience of over 8,000 people.

9. We will be dropping some great content this week! You can stay connected by visiting the site www.hssssocial.com or just follow us on IG @hesayshesay 

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