About the white folks who are terrorizing my family

November 3, 2018 Comments Off on About the white folks who are terrorizing my family
About the white folks who are terrorizing my family

**UPDATE: My daughter has gotten her divorce and this idiotic family did not win anything after spending $50,000 on lawyer fees.

Michael tried everything and got nothing. **

My family is under attack. I am writing this note as proof so that when something goes down, the police will know in advance that we have been perpetually victimized and were being terrorized by the Webb family. They are a white family trying to use the police to systematically hurt us, but it’s not working. There is no telling what this family is capable of doing. So this serves as my public note for law enforcement and the courts that there is a problem that exists with this family trying to terrorize my own.

So if we are victimized, I will have proof to say that I forewarned everyone because they are WHITE and we are Black and we know in this world, it is EASY for white people to get away with crimes and assault against Black people. But we will NOT STAND FOR IT. Especially when they on NOVEMBER 2, 2018, sent the police to MY DOOR in a false attempt to have us arrested.

Everyone who knows me knows that I am an upstanding citizen. My husband is an engineer for the City of Atlanta and I am a writer/reporter for a prominent news outlet. We live are lives with integrity. We have raised our children to be upstanding young people with morals and they are smart and scholars and achieve at the highest levels in their schools. We live in an upscale neighborhood with upper middle-class families. We earn income that place us in the upper-middle class realm. We are not TRASH. But when you are Black, white folks tend to want to just treat you as such and make that case to better their situation against you.

I won’t have it.

But I will tell you who is trash – the Webb family. Michael Vanzant Jr is the trash who is trying to hurt my daughter Kaelani because the two are divorcing. The two came to an agreement about custody and visitation but Michael wants to play games and string my daughter along and hold up the proceedings and, poke out his chest and disrespect her and mistreat her and violate the terms of the agreement to benefit himself. Then when things do NOT go his way, he thinks he can call the cops on us, to terrorize us and scare us into doing what HE wants when he refuses to do what he has agreed to.

No. It doesn’t work that way.

Michael has crossed the line. His family has crossed the line because they actually tried to STEAL my granddaughter from daycare WITHOUT Kaelani’s consent and then had the nerve to try to make a false claim that they feared that Kaelani would kidnap her and leave town. Really? The child was in daycare dumbasses. Kaelani by the way is in college, here in Georgia AND she works a job just almost everyday. She lives with me, HER MOTHER and her step-father and her four siblings AND her other 6-year-old daughter. Where is she running away to? That was a lie and they called the cops under these false pretenses saying that she was going to kidnap the 2-year-old. MORE LIES.

Then Michael made another FALSE claim saying Kaelani was erratic and had lived in different states so he was scared. LIES AGAIN. Y’all. Kaelani is just 25. I have lived in Georgia for 13 years which means she was 12 years old when we moved here. Kaelani spent her 11th and 12th grade high school years in Virginia with her father. When she graduated, on that day I drove her back home here to Georgia. So when the FUCK did she live all over in different states you lying piece of shit? Dumbass.

Again, she’s JUST 25 and met Michael two years ago!!!! So to the judges and courts, Michael is trying to use lies to paint a picture that is untrue.

Then he says she’s erratic. Um, so you know she’s been living with a man with OCD, and he STUTTERS! He is compulsive and controlling AND ABUSIVE, YES ABUSIVE! He BEAT MY CHILD IN FRONT OF MY 6-year-old GRANDBABY! (Kaelani has marks on her arm from it!) She has had post-partum depression, living in fear and he calls this erratic? That’s called GASLIGHTING! Try again asshole.

You say we’ve been hostile, no, let’s be clear I AM HOSTILE against an asshole who has been abusive and hurtful to my child. Kaelani never once sent you an aggressive text. You have no proof of that. You wanna make a case, make one against me. I’m ready bitch.

Also, the Webb family has a history of being KKK members. They told Kaelani and have scared her and threatened her saying their family has been part of the Confederacy. They have Klan members in their family. They have tried to shut her up and scare her in SO MANY WAYS. So I am putting this up as PROOF so if we end up with a cross burning on my lawn, you guys know why. My family is under attack.

Last night the cops were sent to my HOME and the Webb FAMILY went to my grandbaby’s daycare and TRIED to STEAL HER yall. NO LIE but the daycare thankfully protected her.

STOP USING THE POLICE TO TERRORIZE US! STOP IT. LAW ENFORCEMENT, I am going to send this blog post to the police chief in my county to let them know that we are being terrorized by Michael Vanzant Webb Jr, Michael Vanzant Webb Sr. and Sue Webb, they all live in Douglasville Georgia. If you receive a call from them to come to our home, it is another attempt to use the cops to silence and scare us.

In case we are KILLED or HUNG by this Klan family, I need the world to know that they are trying to hurt us and keep sending the cops to our home. I am going to do everything to stop them.

This is my public note. Please share this far and wide and please keep a copy so you can help us in case something happens you know who to point the finger to.

Thank you.

NOTE: If Michael or any of his family try to leave a comment on this post, it will never see the light of day assholes. And I will do yet ANOTHER post and reveal more information. Michael, I will send this note to your brand new job. Try me. I am not playing with y’all. I am more than willing to go to jail to stop you from terrorizing us. I am more than willing to lay my body on the line to protect my family. You don’t know me. Stop now or this WILL get worst. It’s not a threat, it’s a promise. You have been warned. You started the war, I will finish it.

In case ya’ll try to sue:

Amendment I


Passed by Congress September 25, 1789. Ratified December 15, 1791. The first 10 amendments form the Bill of Rights

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

And we have proof of the POLICE being sent to my home and the text messages from Nov. 2. This is my truth and I have a right to this blog post.

Next time, THINK before you ACT. Kaelani’s momma is a writer.

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