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OK, so as a tribute to my already spoiled kids, I have decided to start Family Night. Now, I am by no means the perfect mom…I have problems like the rest of America, but I wanted to do something that would have a lot more meaning.
Let me explain. Yes, I stay at home with my kids. But I don’t think that all the time spent qualifies as QUALITY time. Most of the times, my kids are busy on the computer and playing with each other. I’m watching TV or surfing the Net. I want my kids to have lasting memories about time spent with mom and dad that they can retell to their children. So I talked with my hubby and we decided on the simple idea of turning every Friday into Family Night. The rules are, we have to cook something together. Well, the kids would rather bake something that they can totally make themselves (I’ll just handle the part of popping it in the oven for them.)
So tonight we will have dinner (which is yet to be decided) and THEY will bake brownies. Then we will eat the brownies topped with ice cream and sit in the family room together and watch a kid-friendly movie. Tonight it’s the Adam Sandler flick, Bedtime Stories. The rule also states that we all have to commit to sleeping in the family room so that we all stay together tonight. I think it’s sweet. So we’ll grab the pillows and blankets and camp out on the floor or the couch in front of the big screen. After the movie we’ll probably play video games until we fall asleep. I just want to give my kids attention free of distractions. I look forward to our family night…

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  1. Golfersmom July 17, 2009 at 5:57 pm -

    We have family night every Saturday night. It is a lot of fun and golfergirl really looks forward to it. We make homemade pizza watch movies, play games, play the Wii. It gives us time to enjoy each other without the distractions. I hope you and your family have a great family night.