THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! (I think I was more excited than my kids!!)

August 7, 2009 Comments Off on THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! (I think I was more excited than my kids!!)

Finally! Today was the first day of school for my kids. This was Mikaela’s first day in Kindergarten, Kaitlin’s first day in 1st grade and Milan’e first day in Pre-K. I decided to record the day through pictures! I think I was more excited than they were!

WAKEY-WAKEY!! Mikaela was not a happy camper getting up!
Rise and Shine Kaitlin! Can you see me??

Alright girls…Out the door and into mommy and daddy’s room to get jazzed up for your first day!!

Hmmm….I should have picked out their outfits last night!! What will they wear?

Too much to think about this early in the morning!
OK, everyone is in position!!

Awww…. Sukey-Sukey! You go girl! You’re ready for the yellow bus now!

What a looker! Looking good!

Aww…what a little lady!!

Waiting for the bust at the bus stop…

Milan is getting so nervous and she’s not even catching the bus! Cheer up Milan!

Here comes the bus around the bend!


Kaitlin CHEESES before boarding the BIG CHEESE!

Look at the happy little kindergartner Mikaela!

Bye my babies! And they’re off!

Getting off the bus in front of their school (yes, I rode to the school and met them there!)

Mikaela meets her first teacher Ms. Dowell!

Milan is looking happy eating milk and crackers!
Kaitlin was happy as well…Her classroom picture wouldn’t upload fo some reason.

The girls rode the bus home, did their first day homework, ate dinner and were in bed by 8 p.m.
This is the beginning of a great year!

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