Mommy’s Excellent Adventure!

December 31, 2009 Comments Off on Mommy’s Excellent Adventure!

Well, I had the wonderful pleasure of having a day all to myself! A day where there were no worries, no crying kids begging for juice a half million times, no changing messy diapers, and no playing referee over toys. My husband decided that he would take the day off just to give me a day of relief. I have been on vacation for two weeks, however, it has been a vacation shared with four little whiney ones!! So thankfully, being the wonderful man that he is, he saw my needs and came to the rescue…I just love me some him!!! So, with that said, I set out for a simple, yet pleasurable day of doing a little bit of, well, nothing!! And it was the BEST DAY EVER!!

Well the first thing I did was walk around Cumberland mall and shop! I even bought my husband a new pair of sneakers!
I then sat at Starbucks and had a cup of Gingerbread Latte! Delish!
Then I headed to Macy’s and spent at least two hours at M.A.C! I got a few makeup lessons too. I just love M.A.C. I have been around for a LOT of years and MAC is pretty much the only makeup that doesn’t break my face out! Beauty is everything!

My bare beautiful face is being touched up by the M.A.C. make-up artist…

She is now teaching me makeup techniques. It’s a must-know for every woman!

She picked out some makeup in various shades… I wasn’t feeling the colors so I made her change it! I like deeper colors… nothing too light for my cocoa colored skin.

Now that’s what I love…The eye shades and lipstick colors are perfect for me… She also told me how to get the dual shade lip color that I longed for!

Face is done…Doesn’t even look like I have on much makeup…and that’s exactly the point! Now off to shopping!!

Stopped and shopped at Several stores…New York and Co…Be-Be and Nine West… How do these glasses look? Are they me?

I’m sooo hungry… Several hours have already passed… PF Changs…Hmmmm … Let’s eat!

Lunch was delish… Now time to get my wig tossed! Except no weave here! All natural baby! For all those people who called me bald-head ALL my life– HOW YOU LIKE ME NOW!

I stopped at a hair salon in the mall… I will never do that again.. Doing black hair takes great artistry… They did the basic wash, shampoo and flat iron, but my hair just wasn’t fierce like it CAN be in the A-T-L… That’s ok tho… I know where to go next time…

Ooooh, my feet are tired from walking and shopping! Ahhh… time to settle down for a soothing foot massage… Ahhhh!

Oh, I FEEL GOOD!!! I don’t look too bad either! Time for eyebrows and nails!!

She hooked my eyebrows up at Signature nail salon!

Last stop…grocery store… gotta get some diapers! Still gotta be a mommy even on my day off!!LOL…
I had so much fun chronicling my day! It’s just the journalist in me!

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