My girl with a gun? NO! Mikaela needs a MUZZLE!

February 20, 2010 Comments Off on My girl with a gun? NO! Mikaela needs a MUZZLE!

I was in the grocery store the other day and saw a harness-thingy that you put on toddlers to keep them from getting away from you. I thought long and hard about buying one for my son Jo-Jo. That boy runs from me every chance he gets. It’s hard to go to the store, post office or anywhere with him. Guess I should have him in a stroller, right? Well anyway, I didn’t get it. I have a baby boy and not a roving dog– even though Jo-Jo likes to BARK like a dog for no reason. But that contraption really got me thinking. Jo-Jo may or may not need that harness, but my 6-year-old Mikaela SURELY needs a MUZZLE!
Here’s why…
Kids say the darndest things. It’s true. I was in a Chinese restaurant when my cell phone rang. I answered it and it was Mikaela’s teacher Ms. Dowell. I was surprised because I wasn’t expecting a call from her.
Well, she told me that Mikaela stood in front of the whole class and said (Now brace yourself because this is not funny)
“I go in my daddy’s closet and play with his gun!”
I was shocked. More like devastated.
I ASSURED her teacher that this was TOTALLY false and untrue.
She said of course she had to call me because of the severity of the matter. I told her I would talk to Mikaela and thanked her for making the call.
I hung up the phone furious.
But first things first, I had to call my husband to MAKE SURE this could not remotely be a possibility.
I called Rudy and told him what Mikaela’s teacher said.
He laughed.
He laughed because he said there was no way this was true.
Yes, we do have guns in the house. I’m not proud of it because I hate guns. But they are my husband and that’s that. But he told me that they were secure and in a SAFE place and locked away.
Whew. I was glad that this wasn’t true.
Well when little Miss Mikaela came home at 3 p.m. we had a nice LONG talk. I didn’t scream at her or yell. But I had to have her understand that you can’t say things in class to be funny or get attention. It could land mommy and daddy in JAIL! Just to let you know, Mikaela is the ham of the family. She has a very outgoing personality and is the first to entertain ANY guests who come to my home. She is very memorable. She has a light that shines on her that comes straight from God. She is truly unique. But oftentimes she commands a LOT of attention from me. And I see that it has rubbed off at school. She admitted that she never touched a gun and even more never saw one in our home. But the whole ordeal was scary enough. Parents, kids WILL put your business out in the street and at school. Believe that. So just be careful what you say or do… You never know who might be calling YOU!

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