My little Kaitlin Picasso!

April 15, 2010 Comments Off on My little Kaitlin Picasso!

How proud am I of my daughter Kaitlin Satin Smith! Her artwork from her school New Manchester Elementary School was chosen to be on display at the Douglas County Courthouse. We went there on Tuesday for a small reception. Kaitlin saw her art teacher there who told me how proud she was of Kaitlin and of course how much of a sweetie she is. It’s such a wonderful honor when kids see the fruit of their labor and when someone else can appreciate the beauty of what they created. Good going Kaitlin!
This is called Red Fish, by Dr. Seuss! Looks like a Dr. Seuss fish to me!

Kaitlin is so proud of her work!

Wow! Look at those long arms. Maybe she’ll be an artist AND a basketball player!

Kaitlin checks out other students artwork.

This is Kaitlin’s art teacher.

This is the work of some talented kids at New Manchester Elem.

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