If so much has been going on, then why won’t I blog about it?!?

June 2, 2010 1 Comment »

I wonder if there are any moms out there having the same problem as me. Trying to keep current with their blog!! I have had a lot going on in the past few weeks that would have made for good blogging gossip, but unfortuately I haven’t been keeping up with my blogs! It’s hard out here for a cincomom, so bear with me!
Well, I promise from now on that I will at least blog 3x’s a week. Even if I just put a positive quote on my page to keep you inspired. In any event, June is here and my kids are out of school and are gearing up for their first day of summer camp on June 7th. So of course there will be a blog post about that. This is my kids first time at camp and every Wednesday they will be spending the night there. Talk about nervous! I’m a mom who never lets her kids stay anywhere because I am so cautious and nervous about something happening to them. But I know they will be in good hands at Girl Scouts camp. So I more so look forward to them enjoying the new experience. And the fact that I am learning to let go just a little bit. I don’t want them to grow up too fast, even though Kaitlin, my 7-year-old, asked me the other day if I thought her feet could fit in high-heeled shoes. What the heck?? It was just a small indiction that she is aware of herself and wants to grow up a little more. I just pray my girls stay as sweet as sugar and spice. As for my son Jo-Jo, I was at a family barbecue this past weekend and realized that my 1-year-old son was more of a little man than most of the other little boys there! He is a real tough guy and not a momma’s boy like I would LIKE him to be. Yes, I said it! But I’m glad he’s a little tough guy. That means he will never get beat up in school. But then that also means that he MIGHT just BE the bully. *sigh* Anyway, I expect this to be an EXCITING summer starting with the RELEASE OF GOONY GOO-GOO and GA-GA TOO in about TWO WEEKS. So stay tuned… There’s more to come from Cincomom!

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    Great post! I agree that it is challenging to blog when so much else is going on!

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