Family, Food, Fun, Friends and a Broken FOOT! (Well, sorta)

August 3, 2010 Comments Off on Family, Food, Fun, Friends and a Broken FOOT! (Well, sorta)

What a week!
I visited my family in Philadelphia and truly had a great time. My mother cooked up lots of good food, my kids enjoyed running up and down the street without restrictions and my friends showed up in force. And I was happy.
There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned Philly “block party.”
I have to admit, this week has been a pretty damn good one until my 6-year-old had a little bicycle accident.
The Good: I drove to Philadelphia to visit my mom and to bring her back to Georgia to stay with my aunt who broke her arm. The trip wasn’t just good, it was GREAT!
For one, I am someone who truly value friends and family. I got to see all of my brothers and sisters and spent time with a lot of family members who I had not seen in a while. And some of my BEST friends, like Author Daaimah Poole and even my childhood best friend Nikia came out to visit me with her daughter Destiny. I even visited another close friend of mine, Jenece who I hadn’t seen in ages and sat and talked to her well into midnight wither her boyfriend Will “Spank” Horton, who is an upcoming comedian. Then I had the pleasure of visiting another childhood friend Tracey Carter. Although my visit with Tracey was rushed, I appreciated the time and we had much to talk about in such a short frame of time. And to top it all off, to our surprise, my mom’s close friend, Senator Anthony Williams, came to her house for a visit. He said he wanted to surprise her. I hadn’t seen him in a while so we sat and talked about my book and I brought him up to date with what I had accomplished in the last few years.
To me, all those visits and time with friends are priceless.
But THEN, little miss Mikaela apparently had a collision with someone on her bike. It wasn’t apparent until the next day that she was injured and she screamed in terrible pain and had to be rushed to the ER. The doctors said her foot was injured where the growth plates are and decided to put a splint or half cast on her foot until I got back to Georgia. So they wrapped Mikaela up and we were on our way back home.
Well, two days later, would you believe the little stinker is perfectly fine? The cast is off and she is walking on her foot like nothing ever happened!
The BAD: The fact Mikaela’s foot was injured and I feared it would be more of a problem than I really wanted to take on! I remember breaking my foot in 2006 and it was the worst thing in my life to ever happen. Well thankfully, she is fine! (Thank you Jesus)
Also, I just found out that my kids go to school on Thursday. I have to admit I really dropped the ball. It is my fault because I thought they didn’t have to attend school until Monday. Well, all you can do is pick up your bootstraps and keep it moving! And that’s just what I’m doing! Enjoy the pictures from my weekend with family and friends.

Me my mom and her best friend Denise.

My brothers Shawn and Dwayne

We took a pic of the fake Mister Softee truck! I wanted a Mister Softee ice cream so bad!

Me and Mikaela

Me and my cousin Shelly

Me with cousins Monique and Keisha

Me and my mom

Me and my friend Daaimah Poole

Jo-Jo flirting with the cuties

Me and my girlfriend Nikia

Me and my cousin Keisha

Homey da Clown was in da house! lol

Me and my cute little niece Riley (My brother Robert’s daughter)

Brothers Robert and victor and sister Chanel

My cousin Monique and brother Shawn dancing in the street!

Me and my cousin Sherean

Cousin Shelly, mom, and Uncle Pat

Mikaela enjoying the water slide

Michelle, Jo-Jo, Kaitlin and Milan

My little sister Michelle and son Jo-Jo

My friend Nikia and her cute daughter Destiny

Me and Senator Anthony Williams. He ran for Governor recently. Maybe he’ll get the bid next time…

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