Kaitlin’s Birthday!

October 10, 2010 1 Comment »

I have learned not to throw $2,000 themed birthday parties anymore like I did for Milan’s first birthday and then have half of the guest list show up. Yes I did say $2,000.
That’s the problem with money, if you have it, you’ll spend it. But I learned the HARD WAY that just because you have it, you SHOULDN’T spend it doing stuff like that. So never again have I spent so much on one event. And I don’t plan to spend that much anymore, well except maybe for amy daughter’s graduation party coming next year. But even still I will budget and maybe even barbecue and call it a day.
So anyway, yesterday was Kaitlin’s birthday and she turned 8. The BIG 8.
And we celebrated just the way SHE wanted. On Friday I took cupcakes up to her school and let her celebrate with friends. On Saturday, her birthday, we went to Steak & Shake and she got a bagful of goodies and toys, a Spongebob cake and a sewing kit.
Her new thing is sewing, and she wants to make Couture dresses. Go figure.
So I spent less than a $100 bucks and the girl could not have been happier. That’s the way to celebrate and save a pretty penny!
Happy Birthday Sweetie!

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  1. The Adventures of Princess Zaria January 23, 2011 at 4:13 am -

    AWWWWW. Yeah, I have spent thousands on a birthday too. The kids at this age basically want simple. A few friends, a couple toys and cake and icecream. Go figure. LOL