Kevin Hart Brings Laugh at My Pain Tour to the ATL

November 23, 2010 Comments Off on Kevin Hart Brings Laugh at My Pain Tour to the ATL

I know this post is late. I went to the Kevin Hart’s “Laugh at my Pain” comedy show on Saturday. And since then I have been recovering from a very fun weekend coupled with a terrible cold. Anyway I had planned to write a review of the show. But instead I’ll just post these pics from the show and the afterparty at club Echelon. I will say this: Although I went to see Kevin Hart because I am a fan, I also went because my girlfriend Jenece visited me from out town with her boyfriend Will “Spank” Horton who is also on tour with Kevin.
Even though I have known Spank for a while, I was a friend of his but not really a “fan”. But after this show, let me tell you, I am now a HUGE fan of Spank because he KILLED IT. Spank was VERY funny. This brother is worth following because he will undoubtedly be the next big thing in just a few short years. He’s definitely got the “it” factor and his delivery was on point. He had me cracking up from jokes about dudes wearing tight-ass skinny jeans to pokes at the “dumb”, slow-reading kids in school. I don’t want to give away his jokes. But do yourself a favor and buy a ticket to this show, because even though you may be a fan of Kevin, you will walk away being a fan of Spank’s. Everybody has their day in the light, and Spank, the light is shining on you right now brotha. So shine on! 🙂
Spank, Rudy, Me and Jenece

Me and Rodney Perry from the MoNique Show

Rudy and Rodney Perry

Backstage Rodney cutting up with Spank and another fan

Me and my homegirl Jenece

Rudy and Kev Hart

Kev Hart cutting up backstage

Me and one of my fav comedians Lavar Walker

I swear Flava Flav was there too!

The grub

Kev and Jenece

Me and Spank

Kev, Rodney Perry at the club chillin & eatin

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