Skoopz® – A sugar substitute that actually tastes sweet!

December 12, 2010 Comments Off on Skoopz® – A sugar substitute that actually tastes sweet!

Here’s the scoop: I’m a sugar addict. Sure we all love cakes and pies and cookies, but I’ve got a real problem. If you follow me on Facebook you know I’m always posting about eating Camicake cupcakes. I buy them a lot. I eat them, A LOT. The problem is, I got a check up from my doctor two weeks ago and my “sugar” numbers were not good at all. I actually learned that I am pre-diabetic.
Yes, horrible news. For one, there is no way I can continue down this path consuming cookies and cakes and candies like I do. If so, I will turn into a full-fledged diabetic! And me of ALL people should know better. My husband was diagnosed with diabetes two years ago and my stepson, who was just 25 years old, died last May from diabetes. I’ve got to get myself together starting right now.
So when a rep from the company Skoopz® contacted me, the timing was right on time.
Skoopz® is an all-natural sweetener that’s supposed to taste more natural than most artificial sweetners. I’m not a fan of artificial sweeteners because most like Equal, Sweet n Low and Nutrasweet leave an awful aftertaste. And that stuff will just about kill you with the chemical aspartame in it. I’d rather eat pure sugar and enjoy my food. But I decided to give Skoopz® a try because I can’t keep consuming sugar the way I do.
So when I received my orange packets in the mail, I added them to my tea. The next day I added it to my coffee and sprinkled it over my raisin brand for an extra sweet kick. I looked at the information on the box again just to check to see if the product perhaps had a little sugar in it because it could in no way be a sugar substitute. Skoopz® tasted surprisingly good! Finally somebody’s got it right.

In fact, the key to this sweet product is a Stevia Plant extract. Stevia extracts can be hundreds of times sweeter than refined sugar, yet they are noncaloric and natural. The Food and Drug Administration approved the extract a few years ago. And would you believe this product was born out of three guys in the Atlanta area.
They combined their resources, researched and came across a product they felt could taste a lot better than the other sweetners on the market. They created a niche in the marketplace and here in Atlanta is where it’s produced, packaged and distributed. They even caught the eyes of Wal-Mart execs through some guerilla marketing, and with the help of a retailing consultant the new, little-known company Skoopz® got the green-light to be stocked on Wal-Mart shelved next to some well-known names. (A box of 100 packets of Skoopz® is $5.98 at Wal-Mart—the same price as 80 packets of Truvia.)
Just call it, the little-sugar-packet that could.
And I love the name. Can’t you just picture yourself saying, “I’d like two scoops of Skoopz® in my coffee please.” It rolls right off the tongue.
Skoopz® is diabetic friendly, gluten-free, and has 0 calories. The three things I need to help me eat better and be healthier.
Support this healthy product. They are also sponsors of Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) and Healthy Kidz and Teenz. And during this holiday season, Skoopz® will donate 10% of each online order to the cause.
Diabetes is an ugly reality for anyone. It’s affected my home in devastating ways. Now I’ve found a delicious way to get my sugar cravings under control.
You can visit to learn more about Skoopz® and to get your free packets.

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