Bartram Class of 1991 Reunion was a Blast from the Past!

April 4, 2011 Comments Off on Bartram Class of 1991 Reunion was a Blast from the Past!

The Class of 1991

I had a BLAST this weekend.
On Saturday I attended an informal high school reunion in Philadelphia with my friends from Bartram Human Services class of 1991.
High School reunions are known to make people nervous.
Everyone wants to return to them in the same 18-year-old body they graduated with.
In the 20 years since high school, age and time sometimes has its way. We get a little thicker, wrinkle lines set in and gray hair grow, some men bald and for some of us women, we wish we can turn back the hands of time and get our hourglass back!
But on Saturday, when I met up my classmates, I swear we all must have been frozen in time.
Stacey Holley, Jesenia and Me

From the way we looked to the way we just jelled together, every moment felt and looked like we were still in the early 1990s.
I was nervous, happy, excited and ultimately overjoyed connecting and reigniting the friendships that I formed well over 20 years ago with my former classmates. And the LOVE they showed was absolutely phenomenal.
And the icing on the cake was the surprise I got when I walked in and saw my high school principal Earlene Satterfield and English teacher Ms. Ivory! I was almost brought to tears! Ms. Satt, as we lovingly call her, was such a force and inspiration to us all. She was a true mama. She would scold you and then turn around and show you love. And for many of us confused about our future and what we wanted to do and be in life, she guided us to greatness.
It was Ms. Satt, who told me in my high school year that I should be a journalist. I don’t know if I had ever heard the darn word. But she thought I was a really good writer. So I applied to Norfolk State and signed up for journalism and the rest is history!
I love Ms. Satt!
Seeing my friends was a true treat. And until I saw them I didn’t realize how much I missed them! It was nice seeing Art, Anita, Dietra, Stacey H, Sharisse, Jesenia, Brenda, Tikia, Trina, Katina and there were many more who could not make it!
Art, Me and Dietra

Me, Dietra and Brenda

Our school was small and everyone knew everyone!
We all met up at The Crab Tavern and we danced, got our drink and our two-step on and had some great conversation.
Party Ova Here!

Me and Tikia Percell

We laughed and reminisced about the old days.
Most of us are now parents and if not parents, we are all professionals balancing our careers and life.
So it was fulfilling to sit with people I have a connection with and truly be myself. I felt comfortable and didn’t feel like I had to prove a thing. These are people who know where I came from and appreciate where I am now. And because we all came from pretty much the same place with the same struggles, we all understand that journey. So when one of us makes it, we ALL make it.
These friends ALL were super supportive and did not leave without showing me love and purchasing my children’s book, Goony Goo-Goo and Ga-Ga Too! I was overwhelmed because there was SO MUCH LOVE in the room from everyone. It’s unbelievable how we all talked and picked up where we left off years ago.
I have to say there are no friends like your childhood friends. This reunion was much more than I ever anticipated it to be. I hope we make this gathering an annual event!
Thanks everyone for being so supportive and I truly enjoyed myself!
Art and Jesenia

Katina and Brenda

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