Healthy Choice is The CHOICE for Anyone who Chooses to Eat Better

May 3, 2011 2 Comments »
I’ve learned the best way for me to lose weight is not to go on a diet but to live and EAT healthy. I’ve tried to do that but as a very busy mom of five, I realized I need to have meals already prepared for ME and not me always preparing meals!
So I was happy to get my hands on some Healthy meals by Healthy Choice.
I usually don’t buy prepackaged meals because the ones I’ve tried tasted pretty bad. But I had never tried Healthy Choice entrees and when I did they were SO delicious that I would have done a cartwheel if I were 50 pounds lighter!
Healthy Choice has nearly 70 varieties for fewer than 400 calories that provide positive nutrients such as whole grains, fiber, protein and antioxidants.
These meals are definitely my new BFF! (BEST FAVORITE FOODS!)

Healthy Choice has a variety of delicious frozen meals like Steaming Entrees, All Natural Entrees, Cafe Steamers, or Fresh Mixers. The Fresh Mixers are cool and convenient because everything’s in one compact container: sauce, pasta or rice, and strainer so you can make a meal fresh from your desk, with no refrigeration or freezing necessary. My husband found these especially convenient.

My favorites, though, are the Complete Meals. That’s because they have a little dessert treat and I just love a meal that has a little treat along with it! Healthy Choice makes fresh-tasting meals with contemporary flavors, high-quality ingredients and innovative preparation methods like steaming.

My top three Complete meals are:

  • Chicken Pesto Alfredo which is basil-pesto Alfredo sauce atop savory chicken tenderloins with whole-grain bow-tie pasta. Complemented by crisp vegetables and cherry and blueberry multigrain crisp, this comforting meal has 20 grams of protein and 15 grams of whole grains. Yum! I love creamy alfredo sauce and the pesto added a tasty kick! I had to restrain myself from eating another meal because it was so good and the chicken was so tender.
  • My next fav choice is the Fire Roasted Tomato Chicken. The tender chicken has whole-grain penne and it’s covered with a roasted tomato sauce paired with vegetables and an apple cranberry crisp dessert for just 310 calories! My husband really enjoyed this one too! The apple cranberry crisp was a delicious healthy sweet treat.
  • Also, the Marinara Manicotti Formaggio is oh-so-good. It’s whole-grainpasta stuffed with four delicious cheeses with zesty marinara sauce and served with broccoli and a caramel apple crisp gives you 24 grams of whole grains. The manicotti was just as cheesy as grandma would make. The whole grain pasta was as tender as butter and the marinara sauce was tomato perfection!
This is what I know. Being overweight is not what I want to be so I love that these delicious healthy meals will not only help me reach my goal weight. But I can continue to eat them as part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. And according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) two-thirds of American adults are overweight or obese, which puts them at increased risk for heart disease, diabetes and the metabolic syndrome.
And recent research shows that replacing 10 meals per week with a portion-controlled Healthy Choice meal, as part of a reduced calorie diet, can lead to improved quality of life and dietary quality.

Healthy Choice regularly brings consumers like us these delicious and nutrient-rich foods that conveniently help maintain a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle no matter what you’re craving. My husband has diabetes and incorporating these meals a few times a week will truly help him maintain a healthy weight.

As Americans look for ways to make simple, positive changes to their diets, incorporating a ready-to-eat, pre-portioned healthy option, such as Healthy Choice, is a simple way to be more health conscious, lose weight and improve quality of life.

And did you know that brands with “healthy” in their name are held to a higher nutrition standard set by the FDA?

Well my family will be making three changes to our lives that will be THREE HEALTHY CHOICES. These choice will help us to be healthier as a whole:

  1. We will replace several meals every week with Healthy Choice meals!
  2. We will replace soda with sugar-free juice.
  3. And my family will GET MOVING! We will as a family, have a sports day where we take a walk together or engage in a sport. My daughters play tennis so this would be a good time for me to learn and get some exercise in!

I encourage you to take a leap into a healthy lifestyle and try Healthy Choice meals found in the freezer section of your local grocery store. Find out what’s new with all the deletable Healthy choice meals by visiting
Follow Healthy Choice on twitter at Healthy_Choice, and use the hashtag #HealthyChoices. And become a Healthy Choice Facebook fan by clicking ‘LIKE’ on the FB page HERE

And here’s to CHOOSING to make better and HEALTHIER Choices!

DISCLOSURE: Cincomom is working in conjunction wuth TheMotherhood and Healthy Choice, identifiying and linking Healthy Choice and TheMotherhood and received a stipend for participation.


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