My Boy Loves His New Babiators: Sunglasses Built for the Toughest Tot!

June 3, 2011 1 Comment »

He’s a cool rider and he knows it.
My son has nerve enough to say, “mommy I’m cool.” He knows when he puts on a pair of his “Black Ops” black shades, he becomes a little man of sorts.  Like a motorcycle riding, leather-jacket wearing cool dude who pops wheelies with no problem. For him his shades means he’s hip. For me I know my little boo is getting the protection he needs with his new Babiators on.
I tested out these new Babiators, which are virtually indestructible, aviator-style rubber sunglasses for kids ages nine months and up that protect 100% against all UVA and UVB rays. It took my kids to teach me the vital importance of protecting them from the elements. I learned that even though we are brown, my kids still need sunblock so they won’t burn. And I’ve learned that the sun’s harmful rays hurt the eyes just as much.
So Babiators are not only great because they protect against harmful rays but it’s good to know they are non-toxic and made without harmful contaminants like lead especially when you’ve got a tough little boy who thinks just about everything is lickable.

The funny thing is when my son Jo-Jo first tried the Babiators on, he took them off and extended them outward. That move would definitely break an ordinary pair of sunglasses. But the Babiators are made of pliable rubber. And even if they do break the company offers a one-year wear and tear guarantee!
And the look? Well Jo-Jo thinks he’s quite cool. I think these shades just might propel your child’s image to the next level. They were designed by a fighter pilot.
Babiators are a must. They come in two sizes, large and small and four colors – Black Ops Blacks, Blue Angels Blue, Rockstar Red, and Princess Pink. If you would like to get your little one a pair of Babiators, you can order them online at

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  1. Sojourner Marable Grimmett June 7, 2011 at 6:38 pm -

    Jo-Jo is too cute in his Babiators!