CincoDAD: Kevin Federline is Expecting Fifth Child

July 30, 2011 Comments Off on CincoDAD: Kevin Federline is Expecting Fifth Child
CincoDAD: Kevin Federline is Expecting Fifth Child

There’s a fellow blogger named Jennifer who calls herself Baby Making Machine. With all due-respect Jen, you’re not a baby making machine- Kevin Federline is!
This mess of a man is having yet another kid not by Shar Jackson, who he dumped or Brittany, who he bedded and banked, but by a new girlfriend Victoria Prince. This will be his FIFTH and I’m sure not his last. There’s nothing wrong with having kids, I have five, but you’re a real machine when you bed-hop to build your brood and make babies all over the place!

Okay, so Kev when you dump Victoria or she gets tired of you or you guys break-up – which you WILL do- and then you move on to the next one, will you have another baby with your newest chick? I’m sure you will K-Fed! (I should have filed this under SMDH News!)

I just don’t think everyone should have kids, just because THEY CAN! Did you see him a few seasons back on Celebrity fit club? He was a H.A.M.! (Hot Ass Mess!)

Kevin Federline‘s brood — sons Jayden, 4½, and Preston, 5½, with ex-wife Britney Spears; and son Kaleb, 7, and daughter Kori, 10 this week, with ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson — pose with his pregnant girlfriend Victoria Prince on Tuesday in Malibu.

Federline, 33, and Prince expect their first child together — a daughter they plan to name Jordan — in August.

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