Laugh Now: Kevin Hart Brings His Pain to the Big Screen Sept. 9th

July 8, 2011 Comments Off on Laugh Now: Kevin Hart Brings His Pain to the Big Screen Sept. 9th
Laugh Now: Kevin Hart Brings His Pain to the Big Screen Sept. 9th

Alright, Alright! You may laugh at the fact that Kevin Hart’s ex-wife put his business on blast saying he creeps and got chicks on the side. You may laugh at the fact that his dad was a crackhead or the fact that his life has been rocky, just like the fighter who fought in Philly where Kev was born. But guess what, Kevin Hart is laughing too – all the way to the bank!

On September 9th comedian Kevin Hart will bring his pain to the theaters nationwide with the release of his movie Laugh at My Pain. He’s been on tour selling out venues left and right. I went to see Kev on tour back in November of last year, along with my husband and friends Jenece and (her fiancé) Will “Spank” Horton who is also one funny brother and whose name will be on marquees nationwide soon enough! Check out my Nov. post here

Anyway, Kev was funny as hell and it’s no surprise that he has over a million followers on twitter, commercial deals, movie deals including an upcoming role in Steve Harvey’s Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man, and sells out stadiums. The brotha is bustin it up across the globe! (TRANSLATION: That means he’s doing really good globally).

And as a mom of five kids, I just LOVE when Kev talks about the things he kids do and quirky things kids say. He keeps it real about the up and downs of  parenthood. And now that he’s divorced I’m sure he’s suffering even more pain because there’s nothing like being separated from your kids under any circumstance.

And it’s takes a real man to turn his true life pain into OUR pleasure. Money doesn’t bring happiness, but it gets you pretty damn close! Right Kev?

I heard that this movie will be one big belly-buster! Not only that, but remember the Real Hollywood Husbands skits that Kev did on the BET Awards, I heard this movie will have some pretty damn funny skits included throughout. Considering that the Hollywood husbands in now
a true comedic classic, I cannot wait to see what crazy skits Kev and his crew comes up with.

Kevin Hart is to me, the next Eddie Murphy. Remember how big Eddie was? On everything, in every movie, Kev is making that move into the mainstream realm and when you do that, then your career is golden. Yeah, I’d say he’s the Chocolate Drop GOLDEN child…

I already got dibs on attending Kev’s big movie premiere with my homegirl Jenece in my hometown Philly. So stay on the lookout for a red carpet play by play of the Laugh at My Pain world movie premiere this fall.


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