Fabulosity in the City: Linda Gail Designs Classy Couture for Kids

July 25, 2011 3 Comments »
Fabulosity in the City: Linda Gail Designs Classy Couture for Kids

Linda Gail and her daughter actress Onira Tares

In a time where fashion designers are sewing up itty-bitty bikinis with padded bras for little girls and thong panties and booty shorts for our babies, it’s a breathe of fresh air to come across a designer who puts care and love into her couture for kids.
On Saturday I spent time with an awesome Fashion Designer Linda Gail, her dedicated staff and the little models who rip the runway showing off her newest fashions – the Starlight Couture and Sporty Collection for Girls.

The models were getting dolled up for a fashion shoot at Celebrity Photographer Derek Blanks Studio. But the photographers for this shoot were Traci Reid and Derek White. They flashed the cameras as the girls posed like the pros.

Linda’s collection caught my eye at the Polow Da Don charity event. As a mom of four girls – three of them actually little girls aged 8 and under – all I wanted to know was how to get my hands on those cute poofy skirts that Linda Gail designed. They kinda remind me of a throwback to the poodle skirts of the 1950s. Remember those skirts LaVerne and Shirley used to wear and the girls on Happy Days used to wear them too and dance and bop and the skirts would flair? Well maybe I’m telling my age, but Linda’s collection reminds me of those days and that time when girls acted dainty and they curtsied and it was about being respectful, delightful and proper.

No neck-rolling allowed. Girls were dressed too pretty to purse their lips up. Anyway, Linda’s fashions will surely make little girls feel like the belle of the ball. And this mom appreciates it.
Linda dedicated her new collection to her granddaughter Genalize. Her name means “Starlight”. The collection has clothing from toddlers to preteens. Linda says her clothes make girls feel good about themselves. If  “clothes make the man” then these clothes surely make the girl feel like a princess.

Her Journey to Fashion
Linda’s father was a graphic design artist and her mother was a historian and genealogist. Linda was inspired by her grandmother who sewed clothing and she says she taught herself to sew. She later started designing clothes for her daughter Onira when she was five and a budding actress. “I have always loved fashion. It was just something about the colors and the sparkles,” she said. But she later went on to hone her craft at The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, Calif.
Her collections have been premiered at numerous fashion shows including the Polow Da Don’s charity gala, the Bronner Brother’s International Fashion Show, Show Me the Runway Read, Divas Unlimited Inc., The World Natural Hair and Fashion Show and The SW Atlanta Celebrity Cook Off-Adamsville. And on August 14th there is a Celebrity Kids Fashion Show being held at the Fernbank Museum.

In years past the kids of Jermaine Dupri, Big Boi and Cee-Lo have all graced the stage. This event will benefit the ShowMetheWayFoundation.org, a non-profit that provides mentoring and positive group activities for youth infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS and other terminal health issues.
Linda describes her designs as classic, whimsical and playful. Just the kind of words a mom wants to hear about her daughter’s clothing. And she says there’s a boys collection in the works for 2012. Thank God. We need someone who will design some pants that boys will keep UP on their butts! I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of pants sagging!
I would like to give a shout-out to the beautiful little girls who were at the photo shoot Saturday. They were working the camera! I want to apologize now because I didn’t get everyone’s name but Nadej, Charlise, Jada, Kyra, Kourtni and Amiyah and all the other little ladies did a great job and were polite and well-mannered. Kudos to Olando Narcisse, who coaches many of the young ladies. It says a lot when the girls are well-mannered and polite! And I heard Olando don’t play!

I had a great time and want to thank Linda Gail for inviting me out. It was time well-spent! To parents, just wait until you see all of these fashions, this is how our girls should be dressing! Classy, not trashy!

For more information visit her website at www.lindagailfashion.com. And she can be found on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Linda-Gail-Fashion-LLC.

Olando working his magic

Onira modeling a wedding gown created by her mom

The models in their evening wear collection. CUTE!

It was a lively bunch at Derek Blanks studio

One of the models Nadej. She's also an actress!

One of the models getting dolled up!

This little cutie was so very friendly! Start em young!

Linda Gail running the show!

Flashy and cute! Work it Jada!

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