Introducing the Riley Duncan JR. Show! Starring MY Mikaela Smith!

August 19, 2011 Comments Off on Introducing the Riley Duncan JR. Show! Starring MY Mikaela Smith!
Introducing the Riley Duncan JR. Show! Starring MY Mikaela Smith!

This is what moms of really creative kids do.

We either jet-set from city to city, lined up for hours at auditions to get our creative kids noticed or we CREATE an outlet on YouTube where they can be seen and heard. Well, I can’t go to auditions in LA and New York every other week, so I’m left with helping my daughter Mikaela Smith find a way to expose her talent for all the world to see.And the result?

The Riley Duncan JR. Show!
At 7 years old, Mikaela is quite an exuberant kid. I’ve been told over and over and OVER again by everybody who meets her to get her on TV. Easier said than done. Every parent thinks their kid is special. But when other people constantly notice there’s something a little extra special about your kid’s personality, that’s the true measure of knowing that you might have a child star brewing in your home. Mikaela is a happy kid, a REAL happy kid. She’s over-the-top and her mind creates stuff that leaves me shaking my head and cracking up like crazy. And then I think, how can that come from the mind of a 7-year-old? Who does that? Only Mikaela!

And it’s all naturale!

At times, the girl drives me crazy because her energy is electric! In the skit above it’s all improv. When she gets going, she goes just like the little energizer bunny, but without the drum. I guess her tunes are in her head because she does march to the beat of a different drummer. For instance, last year Mikaela earned a Class Clown Award from her first grade teachers. Yeah, every mother’s dream, right? But I said, at least her teachers see that she’s a funny gal and encourage her to pursue her comedic path. And in Kindergarten, Mikaela was the teacher’s pet and Ms. Dowell gave me the names of several theatre programs and encouraged me to put Mikaela in them.

She has been in theatre but programs in my area are not set up to really help her hone her craft. So I’m writer, I’ve got a camera and I’ve got Mikaela. So I promised Mikaela that we would put together weekly comedy skits for her on a YouTube channel. It’s her dream come true because her goal is to get her own show eventually. Either that or I know for sure when she grows up she will be the next comic queen. Look out Mo’Nique! Here comes MY Mikaela!

Support my little daring by subscribing to her YouTube Channel, sharing her video and leaving comments. We have some funny comedy skits coming up so stay-tuned for the next Cincomom Production of the Riley Duncan JR. Show. (And she added the JR. part, too funny right?)

Thanks in advance for your support!


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