Sunday Spotlight: Christina and Seth Thompson Taught their 3-year-old Tot how to Give for the Greater Good

August 14, 2011 Comments Off on Sunday Spotlight: Christina and Seth Thompson Taught their 3-year-old Tot how to Give for the Greater Good
Sunday Spotlight: Christina and Seth Thompson Taught their 3-year-old Tot how to Give for the Greater Good

Even at 3-year-old, Emerson Thompson knows how to share. I can’t say that much about my 3-year-old, but little Emerson knows already that if she has too many toys, she’s got to give some away.

She’s also learning the value of sharing and caring for others and the lessons are coming straight from the heart of her loving parents Seth and Christina Thompson. As parents, sometimes we can pamper our kids too much by buying lavish gifts that they will only kick to the side in a few days or months. Sometimes kids get so much stuff that they never learn to appreciate what they have and only want more. But Seth and Christina are doing things differently with their tot Emerson.

I received a call from Christina a few weeks ago who told me something that really warmed my heart: Christina told me that they would be celebrating Emerson’s 3rd third birthday, but instead of asking the guests for gifts, she asked each guest if they could purchase a box of diapers and donate to Atlanta Diaper Relief.

Outstanding and Unbelievable.

I know there are people out there with really BIG hearts like mine, but when you come across one it’s truly an unbelievable and a humbling experience. The Thompsons’ are from Ohio and are one of our great military families. Christina said as part of her service she volunteered at a diaper bank back in Ohio. When they moved to Georgia, she looked for one here but didn’t find anything.

Now, Atlanta Diaper Relief exists, and Christina has a big open heart and wants to help and volunteer where she can. And as a start-up organization that is truly trying to get acclimated in the first year, we need people like Seth and Christina who are just as passionate about the cause as we are. I am SO grateful beyond words for what Christina, Seth and especially, little Emerson has done for families in Metro Atlanta. This is not about us. It’s about the FAMILIES who NEED us. We’re just a vehicle to help babies and families.

We are still collecting diapers and steadily trying to build up our bank. Our goal is to continue to collect through various diaper drives and from donors so we will have enough to service families in need. And we still need SO MUCH MORE. I am so honored and thankful to have met Christina and had a very nice talk with her and Emerson at Starbucks on Saturday. Christina donated nine boxes of diapers and a bag of diapers as well. Thank you Christina and to your guests who were so generous. Each and every diaper will go to RELIEVE a baby in need.

Please continue to think of this organization and the needs of Metro Atlanta families who suffer everyday whether from job loss or have even lost their homes and can’t afford basic things like diapers for their babies.

I hope everyone takes a note from the Thompsons and whether it’s for this non-profit or the next, DO SOMETHING GREAT for someone besides yourself.

Here’s how you can help: visit to make a secure donation. Since we are a non-profit, your donation is tax-deductible.

DONATE DIAPERS. We accept open packs that are still in the original package. Call us for a pickup! 770-310-0046.

Be part of a major Metro Atlanta movement!


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