Product Review: Time Island Allows Kids To Be Online Cast-Aways

August 1, 2011 Comments Off on Product Review: Time Island Allows Kids To Be Online Cast-Aways
Product Review: Time Island Allows Kids To Be Online Cast-Aways

I can remember watching Gilligan’s Island and wishing I was on an island because I felt strongly I would have the skill-set to get off that deserted place.
These days kids don’t have a clue about Gilligan and the ship-wrecked cast-aways and I’m wondering if they even have an inkling of what kind of skills they would need to survive if they were stranded. I think not!

My kids have explored a new online adventure called Time Island. It’s a virtual world where you’re stranded on an island and you have to have a certain set of skills to survive it. Time is of the essence!
A little about Time island:
It’s a little like the show survivor but the kid’s version. Kids put their survival skills to the test and explore white beaches and lush jungles; tree-top terraces and dark underground caverns. They have to outsmart, out maneuver and outlast the troublesome green creatures that inhabit the island, known as the Goggs. Meanwhile, it’s a good idea to stick together so they create and join a tribe with friends. To survive you must also care for your cleanliness and hygiene, and keep your avatar well fed. This is great when teaching kids concepts about health and wellness.

My kids played the game but it’s probably better for kids a little older than mine –maybe ‘tweens on up. My kids are used to games with a faster pace and Time Island is a game about exploring and was perhaps a bit too slow-paced for my little ones.
But it will truly benefit older kids, especially because they need to hone in on their critical thinking skills. Here’s how:

Time Island starts off with the player on a stranded tropical Island. The island is inhabited by strange green creatures called Goggs that you definitely want to avoid. You have to poke around and explore the island which is green and stirs a kid’s curiosity. That where you will smaller games to play. Some of these games are educational and others are challenging and enhance your skill sets that will help you out in the main game of Time Island. This is where I feel the game wasn’t well-suited for my little ones. But I encourage parents to have their older elementary and middle school kids to try out Time Island. Among the skills the will work on is hand-eye coordination, spatial reasoning, music, logic and mathematics.

But what I really do love about the game is that your child can meet, communicate and plays with other children from across the globe. And it’s a safe place where curse words are not allowed. They are automatically banned from Time Island. And site managers ensure that Time Island is free of cyber-bullying and other inappropriate subject matter.

Time Island is all about survival. There are great at-home activities too that are entertaining and educational as well.

Thank you to MomSelect for the Fun Pack from Time Island which contained a drawstring backpack filled with lots of Time Island goodies – bandana, sunglasses, band bracelets, stickers and temporary tattoos!
Go to and let your kid get lost and explore online at Time Island!

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