Atlanta Diaper Relief Receives One Year of Diapers, Courtesy of Lamar and Ronnie Tyler and Pampers!

September 3, 2011 Comments Off on Atlanta Diaper Relief Receives One Year of Diapers, Courtesy of Lamar and Ronnie Tyler and Pampers!
Atlanta Diaper Relief Receives One Year of Diapers, Courtesy of Lamar and Ronnie Tyler and Pampers!

“What I know for sure is that what you give comes BACK to you,” Oprah Winfrey

Something quite remarkable has happened.

On behalf of Atlanta-based philanthropists and CEOs Lamar and Ronnie Tyler, along with the Pampers baby board,

Atlanta Diaper Relief has been awarded a ONE YEAR SUPPLY of Diapers!
It was a move that literally moved me to tears.


On Wednesday I was asked by Lamar and Ronnie, the CEOs of the widely popular Black and Married With website, to tape a video segment explaining what my organization is and the work we do, so they could place it on their website. I thought it was great to get this exposure so that more families would know we exist.

And it was an honor to meet the Tylers. They are rockstars in their own right when it comes to blogging. I follow their website and they are behind the bestselling DVDs Happily Ever After: A Positive Image of Black Marriage, You Saved Me and Men Ain’t Boys that explores manhood in the African American community. They are also the proud parents of four children and I was delighted to learn they have children just about the same age as mine. Not only that but they set out to break down the stereotypes of the black family with BMWK. They wanted the world to know that black families are happy, well-adjusted and love their lives and their children. They are experts on the topic of Black Marriage and family and speak around the country at numerous events and they’ve secured some accolades along the way. They are a power couple who rival the likes of Bill and Camille!

Yet, when I met them, they were just as down-to-earth and easy-going as the couple next door!

I hit if off with Lamar and his wife Ronnie. They were kind and treated me with grace, especially since I arrived late after getting stuck in traffic and my car ran out of gas a block or so from their studio! I got out and walked the rest of the way.

I felt like I knew Ronnie for years! I think that’s why I felt very comfortable on camera because beforehand we had already talked about her kids and our motherhood issues!

As Ronnie channeled her inner Oprah and we finished up the interview, she shocked me by revealing that she and Lamar along with the Pampers baby Board donated ONE YEAR of DIAPERS to the diaper bank. I cried, well, like a baby! Tears of joy for sure.

What you didn’t see is when Lamar turned off the camera, the flood gates opened because I was TRULY overwhelmed. Day in and day out, I am consumed with building this organization up to be the premier go-to place for families when it comes to diapers. When you think of free formula, you think of WIC. When you think of government aid, welfare is there to help. And when you are faced with deciding if your last $20 dollars should be used to buy a bus pass or a bag of diapers, I want you to think, “I need to call Atlanta Diaper Relief to help me with this diaper dilemma.”

Just because a parent is faced with a dire issue doesn’t mean a child should have to suffer too. What does it take for someone to say, I can help you? It’s four simple words that could FORever change someone’s life. Especially when it comes to a baby. I hate to see babies suffer. It hurts my soul. It bothers me and makes me cringe and even cry. Right here in our homeland, there are millions of kids living in poverty whose parents just can’t make ends meet. It could be the neighbor next door. We should all care enough to do what we can.

Think of it like this: when someone has a new baby and someone throws them a baby shower, it’s to help give that parent a good start with that new baby. People provide, diapers, wipes, clothing, bottles, formula, and just about anything that child needs in that first year. And they do it without even thinking if that parent has the means to provide or not. At that moment the heart is just filled with the desire to want to help. Well, just keep that heartfelt love and desire to help babies ignited!

I challenge everyone to live your life to Pay it Forward to others. It’s a sacrifice that’s so worth living for. What I felt on Wednesday is incomparable. Oprah said, “What I know for sure, what you give comes back to you.” I never had ONE inkling of a thought that the Tylers would give me this donation. I was just passionate about my work and happy to be in their presence. The fact that I can now truly work and fulfill this mission because I have this inventory is a blessing beyond belief.

I was already committed to this cause but now it’s IRON CLAD. Lamar and Ronnie confirmed to me that I am on the right path and I am doing the right thing. I am living my life with meaning and living a meaningful life. Thank you so much Lamar and Ronnie Tyler. I appreciate these philanthropists for reaching and pulling me up to take Atlanta Diaper Relief to another level. And to recognize that families are in crisis and there’s a major need for this service.

Wow. This is so amazing and I am so grateful! We will relieve babies, ONE DIAPER AT A TIME!

Thank you Lamar and Ronnie Tyler and the Pampers Baby Board for this GREAT gift! Stay tuned to see how this will change lives!

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