My Simple Birthday Wish! Give a BUCK for a BABY!

September 19, 2011 1 Comment »

I have to say my blog has been neglected a bit because I am tending to babies.

Thousands of them.

As the Executive Director of Atlanta Diaper Relief, a non-profit organization I founded that gives diapers to low-income families, I am consumed on a daily basis with running this company and being a champion for this cause. I eat, sleep, and breathe Atlanta Diaper Relief. I live to help millions of babies get the relief they so need and deserve. Atlanta Diaper Relief is in fact, my baby.

So today, September 19th, 2011, even on my BIRTHDAY, a day reserved for me to party like it’s 1999, I want nothing more than to STILL help babies. Help me raise $200 in 24 hours to help babies!

This cause is more important than any statistics can convey.

Babies can’t talk. When they have a terrible diaper rash on their bottom that could fester and turn into a vaginal infection even for a 6-month old baby, doesn’t that baby deserve help and a donation? Unfortunately some people would fault the mother because the diaper was left on too long. They would say maybe the mom should do better. They would even go so far and say they are not gonna help an innocent baby because the mom should do better.  But guess what, you would never say to the woman with cancer that maybe she needed to do better. I can’t imagine that a parent would want to leave their child in a wet diaper all day.

Sometimes parents are stuck in circumstances and can’t get the help they need. Sometimes a $1 is hard to come by, let alone enough dollars to purchase a pack of diapers. Babies do not deserve to sit in wet diapers. Period. If you think it’s not your problem, we all could say certain “causes” are not our fault. But that’s besides the point. It takes a bigger person to say they want to help those who cannot help themselves and truly be a champion and change lives.

I am living my life to help others. So today on my birthday, I ask you to join me in raising a BUCK FOR A BABY.

It’s a simple request and attainable for everyone.

Please go to this site DONATE A BUCK FOR BABIES! and give $1 buck! I am trying to raise $200 in 24 hours for babies! So far $40 has been raise and I need $160 more! Please help make a difference and help me fulfill a simple birthday wish! And read more about my mission by going to

Much Love,





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One Comment

  1. Jackie September 29, 2011 at 1:37 pm -

    Got to appreciate your efforts. Keep the good work up Kia! A small help cam make such a difference.