The Juppy Works Wonders for Babies who want to Walk!

October 20, 2011 1 Comment »
The Juppy Works Wonders for Babies who want to Walk!

I can remember when my children were little and ready to walk they would wobble around and hold the edge of a table or hold-on to the couch and make their moves and I would cringe because I was so worried they would bump their little heads. And when I held their arms up, it was terrible on my back. The crouching and leaning over really bothered me so when my kids got mobile it wasn’t the happiest time for this mom.

But Juppy has thought of a very creative and innovative way to help moms help their little crawler have a better walking experience. The Juppy is a baby walker and once you put the baby inside the arms extend to a length that makes it easier on the back of the one who’s holding it. And what a great and innovative idea this is!

No more crampy backs for moms and babies will have a ball having their mommy right beside them as they take their special first steps. I surely will get this Juppy for my daughter who is expecting a baby next month. Although we’ve got a ways before her little one will try to walk I want to make sure we have a Juppy on deck!

I plan on recommending the Juppy to all my friends with little crawlers. And my mom friends will surely appreciate any device that makes their life that much easier!

The Juppy retails for only $29.95 and has a cute, sheek, shimmering pink carrying case that makes it easy to tug-along anywhere.

The Juppy is very unique and unconventional. Go to to find out more about and order your own Juppy.

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  1. Jess January 26, 2012 at 1:09 pm -

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