Fabulous and Fierce! DeShai Cole Brings Nubia Clothing to the ATL

November 8, 2011 Comments Off on Fabulous and Fierce! DeShai Cole Brings Nubia Clothing to the ATL
Fabulous and Fierce! DeShai Cole Brings Nubia Clothing to the ATL

I love it when I meet friendly, fabulous and fierce women!

You know, the kind you can sit down, have girl talk with and things just flow as if you’ve known each other for years. I’m the type of girl who is very approachable and friendly. And I was happy to meet another free-spirited soul, DeShai Cole who just exudes fabulosity and fierceness personified!

I met DeShai, owner of Nubia Clothing at the Cocktails for a Cause Event at Nancy’s Pizzeria for my non-profit Atlanta Diaper Relief. First let me say thank you DeShai for taking time out to pay homage to this cause which is near and dear to my heart. And secondly thank you for being a sista who puts her money where her mouth is! Yes, DeShai kindly made a generous contribution and had no problem popping out the big bills! That’s what I’m talking about! 🙂

DeShai has a clothing line that is as cute as can be. At the event she was sporting some red skinny jeans that I will definitely have to cop and she rocked an oh-so-cute Tee.

Nubia Clothing Company was founded in 2011 by DeShai  and her husband, Timothy Davidson.  The clothing line was birthed in Houston, Texas. Shortly after, the founders moved to Atlanta, Georgia to expand the brand.

The vision behind Nubia Clothing Company is to help individuals discover their “inner Nubia” or royalty through the promotion of positive self-image, motivation, and a higher state of thinking.  It is the strong belief of the founders that an individual can only be what they think they can be, so the messages in the designs, primarily the graphic tees, are designed to cultivate greatness.

The husband and wife team are best friends and love working together. According to Cole, working on the line with her husband is a dream come true. “I partnered with my husband for Nubia Clothing Company because he is a businessman. Being able to share my love for fashion with my husband while giving back to my community is something I would have never imagined possible.”

The founders of Nubia Clothing Company have made it their personal mission to spread HIV/AIDS Awareness. “Most of our designs incorporate the color red to symbolize our support of HIV/AIDS awareness as well as our support to those who are affected by this epidemic, “ Cole stated in a recent interview. Each quarter, five percent of the company’s revenues are donated to organizations that provide education to the community about the virus, conduct research to find a cure, or give support to patients and their families.

DeShai’s mom, who has HIV, is definitely an inspiration behind her brand.

DeShai has a wonderful business model showing that she will give to those in need. Because of that I am sure this business will be blessed tremendously. Remember, Oprah said what you give will come BACK to you!

Congratulations on Nubia Clothing DeShai. Can’t wait to see these fashions rip the runway!

DeShai is also a radio personality. Tune in every Wednesday at 9pm at www.deshaionline.com

Click and Check out NubiaClothing.com

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