Happy 8th Birthday Mikaela! Do it up BIG! But then again, maybe not!

January 28, 2012 Comments Off on Happy 8th Birthday Mikaela! Do it up BIG! But then again, maybe not!
Happy 8th Birthday Mikaela! Do it up BIG! But then again, maybe not!

Sorry boo! This is as good as it’s gonna get this birthday!

Happy Birthday to my 8-year-old daughter Mikaela (in the middle), here with her two BEST friends Alyssa (left) and Kaleigha (far right).

Today, January 28th is her birthday and for Mikaela that means she wants to party and do it up BIG with a birthday bash. But frankly this year, I just couldn’t fathom putting on another big celebration like I did for Mikaela’s 7th birthday. (pictures below)

It was quite a party with 13, yes 13 little girls running rampant around my home, laughing and giggling, spraying silly string and having a great time, modeling, getting manis and pedis and doing arts and crafts. But I have to admit, IT WORE ME OUT!!

There  was no one there to help but my sister Shanice (who has now moved back to Philadelphia).

Although the party was great and something EVERY little girl should have with her best friends, I told Mikaela this year, it wasn’t happening! And for Mikaela, the social butterfly who never meets a stranger and makes friends with any and everyone, that was a big disappointment.

So for her sleepover this year I told her she could only invite two people and of course she chose her two best friends in the world, Alyssa, who was at last year’s party and Kaleigha, one of our neighbors who’s at my home anyway just about every day.

As you might have guessed with so many kids, my house is the house on the street where all the kids seem to congregate, partly because of my little butterfly Mikaela.  Well this year Mikaela’s birthday is scaled down–way down.

We got her a cake of course and some snacks for her and her friends and she wants to get her ears pierced so we will probably hit the mall today to get that done. And she’ll play with her friends. That’s it.

I kinda feel bad that this party won’t be like the last, but then again I’m glad because dealing with 13 giggling girls is not an easy thing to do when it’s time to get some shut eye. Trust me, they don’t shut up lol.


Here’s some highlights from Mikaela 2011 Birthday Bash! The girls had a ball! (I feel so bad there will not be another birthday like this! But then again, there’s always next year!)

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