Mom Bloggers for Social Good Website Launched to Bring Awareness to Non-Profits Making a Big Difference.

January 10, 2012 3 Comments »
Mom Bloggers for Social Good Website Launched to Bring Awareness to Non-Profits Making a Big Difference.

When you work from the heart, like I do helping families who are often overlooked and divvying up diapers to needy babies, it’s a mission that gives my life new meaning and makes my heart sing. But unfortunately it’s not sexy enough to make the six o’ clock news. People often shrug their shoulders and roll their eyes and act as if helping people is something reserved for a Mother Teresa-type. To some, humanitarian work is not a big deal.

Ah, but it is. A very big deal. And today, I am so proud to say that there is a new website dedicated to non-profits that are doing good– SOCIAL GOOD.

Today marks the launch of Mom Bloggers for Social Good, a global coalition of mom bloggers spanning eleven countries – United States, Canada, UK, India, Spain, Nigeria, Singapore, Netherlands, Malaysia, Jamaica, and the Philippines – who care about spreading the good news about the amazing work non-profit organizations and NGOs are doing around the world. When the partners need to reach the masses about new initiatives, advocacy campaigns, or fundraising efforts the site will work collectively to spread the word through social media and blogging.

Seeing the launch of this website today brings me tears of joy. And I will be listed as a Founding Member.

And as a fellow mom blogger with many friends who are bloggers, I truly know the power of social media and the impact it can have. That’s why I am so proud that Atlanta Diaper Relief has partnered with Mom Bloggers for Social Good. It will give organizations like Atlanta Diaper Relief a voice by spreading our message out to the mom blogger platform and reach MILLIONS.

Social media guru Jennifer James of Mom Bloggers Club is behind this new website and you better believe this platform is definitely a game-changer. I am honored to have Atlanta Diaper Relief as partner.

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