A Mother’s Heartbreak: Bethenny Frankel has a Miscarriage

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A Mother’s Heartbreak: Bethenny Frankel has a Miscarriage


I must say there is nothing worst for a woman than to want a baby so very bad and not having the ability to have one. I’m called Cincomom for reason. I’ve had five babies pretty easily.

I’m blessed to have some great genes, I guess. I’ve had no problem having five babies naturally. But I’ve also suffered having a miscarriage in the past as well.

Bethenny Frankel, the Skinnygirl Martini mogul and breakout Housewife star just revealed that she had a miscarriage at eight weeks. That’s painful for any mom. Bethanny does have one daughter. But now at 41 she’s faced with trying to expand her family at an age that makes it a lot tougher. Good luck Bethenny and try again, but next time take a break, have a seat and luxuriate and don’t work too hard. You need to rest! Read more from E! Online below:

Things haven’t been so happily ever after for Bethenny Frankel.

Aside from her marriage dramas on the third season of Bethenny Ever After, the reality star went on Today Monday morning and revealed some sad news—that she suffered a miscarriage while she was eight weeks pregnant.

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When asked if she and hubby Jason Hoppy were considering expanding their family, Frankel said, “I’m 41…It’s a very personal question that I get asked a lot. We were pregnant with a second baby and at eight weeks I miscarried and that was a very emotional experience. It had a lot of different things that came with it.”

“Thinking about women who can’t have their own baby, even the first baby, I’m really lucky,” Frankel continued, holding back tears. “I have the most beautiful daughter in the world and I’m grateful for her.”

Frankel said following the incident she hasn’t been sure if an additional sibling for her 21-month-old, Bryn, is still in the cards.

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“I’m 41 and I don’t know,” the Skinny Girl cocktail mogul went on. “It’s not really my choice. It’s not really my option and the window’s closing and it’s something that I’m dealing with…I’m not really thinking about it. I don’t know what my options are. I do have an incredible daughter. I feel like she’s perfect.”

“I honestly have thought about other women more than myself…The first thing I thought about was ‘Oh, my God. I can’t believe what people must go through if they can’t even have the one,'” Frankel continued.

Fans of Bethenny Ever After shouldn’t expect to see the miscarriage discussed this season, however.

Frankel said the incident happened recently, and “has not been dealt with on the show.”

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