Spring Break Reality Check: Finding a good path to college shouldn’t be this daunting for parents.

March 30, 2012 Comments Off on Spring Break Reality Check: Finding a good path to college shouldn’t be this daunting for parents.
Spring Break Reality Check: Finding a good path to college shouldn’t be this daunting for parents.


Spring break is here and summer camp is just around the corner. But if you think about it, college is right around the bend as well.

And when it comes to my kids school,  sometimes I just want to throw my hands up and ask why and walk out of my kids school with them in tow.

The work is not challenging, some of the teachers are uncaring and my kids are learning nothing more than how to answer test questions. I want them to be able to analyze, think deeply and be encouraged to be inquisitive.
Shut up and sit down, should not be the vocabulary of the day. And insensitive test questions that reference counting how many slaves would get beat shows there’s a lack of cultural empathy and understanding.

But I’ve come to realize the sad reality that if you don’t have the dough to put your kids in a high-priced private school, then you probably have to settle for a half-baked public school education with a watered-down curriculum.

See, the problem is that your child might get a good first-grade teacher, but then their burned-out second grade teacher with all of her mandates on test-taking and meeting AYP, will probably suck.
Then the third grade teacher might be an OK educator fresh out the box, having recently graduated and all happy-go-lucky, but by the time Thanksgiving rolls around she’s done had it up to here being a teacher, counselor, referee and commander that she’s calling out every other day and the substitute who takes her place doesn’t really give a good hoot.
And even if your kid survives getting a so-so teacher, parents in Atlanta have come to learn that many teachers are so pressured to have their kids pass state tests that they changed test answers because their principals said to do so.

The end result of all of this is just downright ugly and unfair to any student. So for parents it puts us back at square one looking for reliable answers and alternatives for our kid’s education. And if they don’t have a great start, then going to a good college or university probably won’t fit the bill and that’s unfair.

All parents want is for their children and themselves to have a great education so that their children can thrive in a world that’s very demanding. And they have to. I did. I earned my Master in Education and went on to teach but there are many programs to support teachers wanting to earn their Bachelor’s of Education. If there are people who really live to inspire children, then they should definitely pursue the possibility and come and teach. Goodness knows we need solid classroom teachers and there are many great programs to help them reach their goal that are flexible and convenient!

From here on in I have to work hand-in-hand with my child’s teacher. When everyone’s got their hand in the pot and helps stir the soup to perfection, then nothing and no one gets burned. Before I know it my kids will be looking for the best colleges to go to and leaving home. Time sure flies and I am truly reminded of that when I see there are less than 60 days left to summer vacation and my kids will move on to the next grade. Wow. They’re growing fast!


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