Our Sunday Family Funday included a trip to outer SPACE! (Really it did)

March 6, 2012 Comments Off on Our Sunday Family Funday included a trip to outer SPACE! (Really it did)
Our Sunday Family Funday included a trip to outer SPACE! (Really it did)

I had a pretty cool weekend with my family. On Sunday we decided to get out of the house and take a ride to SPACE! No really, we did go to SPACE!

My husband and I loaded up the minivan with the kids and headed to the Center for Puppetry Arts for an out-of-this world puppet adventure called SPACE, a rocking galactic journey into our solar system that was fun, and hip but also very educational.

SPACE took you into the skies above and beyond with three extraterrestrial puppet musicians who kept the journey lively. And they didn’t miss a beat. Kids were able to learn in space, no one can hear you, discover out-of-this-world facts about planets, stars, meteors and more. They learned about the gravitational pull with Sir Isaac Newton, gazed at Saturn’s rings with Galileo, and rocked out on the asteroid belt. And if they’ve ever wondered what fuels the sun or where the planets got their names, this was the galactic trip that set the record straight.

On stage there was a huge screen that was used to display images of space but at the same time you could see the puppets. I thought that was pretty unique. And what I really loved is that they took a sometimes boring subject and brought it to life! This is great because the show really sparked an interest for my kids who kept asking me questions about space afterward. Maybe now they’ll want to be scientists just because of this show. Exposure is everything!

This show is really cool! There’s singing and rapping and you will not be able to keep yourself from grooving and clapping. But hurry, this show ends March 11th! You can get your tickets now by clicking HERE

Afterward, my kids were able to make alien puppets of their own, and put on their own puppet show. They truly enjoyed this activity.

Milan and Jo-Jo showing off their puppets


My husband helping Kaitlin and Mikaela with their puppets


Jo-Jo proudly displaying his puppet!

After the show we all went out to dinner to eat. And I had been snapping so many pictures my son said he would give me one of these if I took another pic of him. (3-year-olds SMH!)

And Congratulations to my daughter Mikaela Smith, whose artwork was chosen to be on display at the Douglasville Cultural Arts Center! We went to see her artwork on Sunday before the show. They had a large reception for parents. This is her depiction of a Wild Thing! Good job Mikaela. We had a great Sunday/Family Funday!



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