Call it a Tweet of Compassion: @Oprah Winfrey Re-tweeted our Cause to her 10 million+ Followers!

April 22, 2012 2 Comments »
Call it a Tweet of Compassion: @Oprah Winfrey Re-tweeted our Cause to her 10 million+ Followers!

When you live your BEST life everyday serving others, there’s bound to be a blessing in the mix. And a blessing is not always monetary. For us, it came as a mention.

On April 21st, I was on Twitter as usual at night, in my home office interacting online with friends and updating my blog when I saw a steady stream of tweets coming from the @Oprah account.

One thing I know for sure is that Oprah tweets her OWN tweets. She was having some engaging conversations which I knew were not coming from an automated account like Hootesuite. So to me that meant, if she’s talking, she’s also listening. And with that opportunity I decided to tweet Oprah about Atlanta Diaper Relief with hopes that she would at least see us and gain an understanding about our cause and the work we do.

I learned last month during my White House visit that even some of the most powerful and renowned women didn’t know about the work of diaper banks. I met the 13th most powerful women in the US, Kathleen Sebeilus, Secretary of Health & Human Services, and she said she had never heard of one before.

So I didn’t want to assume that Oprah had either. So I decided to tweet her a little about our cause. I believed and achieved.

Now I love me some Oprah. I’ve learned so much from her principles and guidance about living the best YOU and about becoming your authentic self. It is Oprah who taught me virtually how to be a giver: a do-gooder with a mission to help humanity. And it’s absolutely amazing that the QUOTE I virtually live by and have planted on my Facebook “About” page is the one from OPRAH,

“What I know for sure is what you give will come BACK to you”

And it certainly has.

And what I GIVE HAS come back because I tweeted Oprah asking her to just give Atlanta Diaper Relief one retweet which could make a difference and she actually did. Wow. I am still floored.

This is a big deal. In one tweet Oprah exposed Atlanta Diaper Relief to her 10 million followers who could help us in NUMEROUS ways.

And by the way, it’s OPRAH!!! It’s OPRAH! In one word- MAJOR.

Immediately people flooded the Atlanta Diaper Relief timeline asking how could they help us and what could they do. Here are some of the tweets below:

Even Founder and Social media maven Shaun King chimed in…

And there were so many more wonderful tweets from people saying they will send diapers and would go to the website to make a donation. All because Oprah TWEETED about our cause. The powerful of social media. My God.

When so many people have turned away from helping those in need, it makes me PROUD and HONORED that one of the most powerful women IN THE WORLD responded to our tweet in the pool of the MILLIONS of tweets she sees every single day. God is trying to tell me something! (In my Shug Avery voice).

I hear you Lord: there is much work to be done, especially when Atlanta is the poorest city in the US. But no worries when there are people like Oprah Winfrey who obviously believes in this cause. trust me, Oprah didn’t retweet that tweet without poppin’ over to our website to check us out. Even though it’s tough some days, I am so inspired to keep giving it all I’ve got.

Thank you Oprah for hearing us and answering our call with a tweet of compassion! Help is on the way. I will never forget this day and look forward to meeting you soon. I’m just gonna’ go ahead and speak THAT into existence! :)


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  1. Karyn18 April 25, 2012 at 9:34 am -

    Every deed, small or big, as long as it is for good cause it pays back. And you are right, even it is not in monetary form, a simple thank you or acknowledgement will be more meaningful to us.
    Continue your good work! Kudos!

  2. Renee April 25, 2012 at 8:52 pm -

    Major. MAJOR!! Congrats to you!