The Great Cloth Diaper Change Event is Here at Grant Park! Hosted by @natural_mom_ATL!

April 20, 2012 Comments Off on The Great Cloth Diaper Change Event is Here at Grant Park! Hosted by @natural_mom_ATL!
The Great Cloth Diaper Change Event is Here at Grant Park! Hosted by @natural_mom_ATL!

Location: Grant Park Recreation Center

537 Park Avenue, S.E.
Atlanta, 30312

Register HERE

April is the month where the world turns a little GREENER and Atlanta Diaper Relief is PROUD to announce that we have teamed up with the GLOBAL event The Great Cloth Diaper Change and on April 21st the FIRST EVER Atlanta Cloth Diaper Drive will be held for Atlanta Diaper Relief during this major global event!

Sponsored by the Real Diaper Association, The Great Cloth Diaper Change, was designed to raise awareness about the benefits of using cloth diapers.This event has become an Official Guinness World Records Event and there are 319 (and counting) locations currently authorized to host this event world wide!

Thank you to Rachel Williams Harp, Founder of Natural Parenting Atlanta, the organizer of the Atlanta portion of the Great Cloth Diaper Change for helping us to reach this milestone with our Diaper Bank.

And many more thanks to Lisa Baker of Organic Baby Atlanta for joining forces to bring cloth diapers to our diaper bank. Lisa is quite the cloth cloth guru. And when we met some months back Lisa was saddened by the fact that our diaper bank has all disposable diapers.

I explained to Lisa that the population we serve are primarily moms whose children go to daycare and most of the daycares that we service do NOT allow cloth diapers as an option. But we also serve a population of stay-at-home moms who also would be very interested in using cloth diapers. However we have been unable to secure cloth diapers for some reason. But as a diaper bank I agree wholeheartedly that we should have options for parents. And now thankfully because of Lisa and Rachel we will now have CLOTH DIAPERS!

I am very thankful and truly excited about this new opportunity for some of our parents to explore!

Check out what Lisa wrote about the event on her blog HERE.

And you do NOT have to wait until April 21st to pass along your cloth diapers to us. Just call 770-310-0046 and we will arrange to get those diapers from you! All month long we are collecting cloth diapers as well.

Natural Parenting Atlanta is thrilled to be an official host for “The Great Cloth Diaper Change” – an official Guinness World Record Challenge! The challenge is for the World Record of most simultaneous cloth diaper changes. That’s right, you could help set an official Guinness World Record during this global event right here in Atlanta!

If you would like to participate in the Great Cloth Diaper Change and donate some Cloth diapers to us during the Change, please visit and register!

I look forward to seeing you all there!


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