Some jarring facts you need to know about @MittRomney

April 11, 2012 1 Comment »
Some jarring facts you need to know about @MittRomney

The campaign for the Presidency is heating up.

I’m glad Rick Santorum stepped down because a man who has cheated on his wife with a women in Philadelphia and claims to be a family man shouldn’t be trying to get in the White House anyway. How do I know this? I used to live in Philly and know one of Santorum’s top-aides who told me this himself.

Anyhoo it’s no better that Mitt Romney could end up being the President if people don’t come out in record numbers once again and vote like we’re voting to save our lives. We have to keep Obama in. And if that upsets you, then don’t read this blog and don’t bother to leave a comment. I moderate them and they will never see the light of day. It’s my party and I’ll support who I want to…

Romney and his special-interest allies are going to spend the next seven months trying to deny, downplay, or hide these facts from voters. It’s on us to speak the truth. So check this out!

1. Romney is the most radically anti-women candidate in a generation. He supports banning all abortions, backed a so-called “personhood” amendment that could make certain forms of birth control illegal, and says he would “get rid of” federal funding for Planned Parenthood that provides preventive services like cancer screenings for millions of women.

2. Romney would repeal Obamacare. Insurance companies would once again be allowed to run up premiums, unjustifiably deny coverage for pre-existing conditions, drop patients when they get sick, discriminate against women by charging them more for coverage than men, and spend more of your premium dollars on CEO profits and bonuses instead of your actual health care.

3. Romney doesn’t have what it takes to be Commander in Chief. He shifts positions on serious foreign policy and security questions for political reasons, and his only clear commitment is to endless wars: He has no plan to end the war in Afghanistan and would leave our troops there indefinitely. He called the President’s decision to bring our troops home from Iraq by last Christmas “tragic.”

4. Romney’s economic plans would take more money from the middle class and give it to corporations and millionaires like him who don’t need it. Under Romney, millionaires and billionaires would get a $250,000 tax cut, while families with kids making less than $40,000 a year would, on average, actually see their taxes go up. He also opposes the Buffett Rule so that millionaires can continue to take advantage of loopholes and special deals to pay a lower tax rate than the middle class. And he supports tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas.

5. Romney would end Medicare as we know it — replacing it with a voucher scheme that would drive profits for insurance companies by forcing seniors to purchase private insurance, paying whatever costs a voucher wouldn’t cover out of their own limited budgets.

Support President Obama. I’ll do you one even better. Do NOT vote for Slick-Mitt Romney!


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    Romney is really very inspirational and I think he can motivate a lot of people through the experience he had…