Exclusive! @ComedianSpank tied the Knot and married his longtime sweetheart!

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Exclusive! @ComedianSpank tied the Knot and married his longtime sweetheart!

It was a picture perfect ceremony on a picture perfect day. The violins were strumming sweetly by the lakefront and the bride looked ever so lovely and as pretty as a princess as she walked down the aisle and met her prince at the alter.


One of my very best friends Jenece Bond and her longtime boyfriend and dear friend Will “Spank” Horton, tied the knot on Saturday in a wedding ceremony that looked like a picturesque scene of a fairytale. The ceremony was outdoors at the Brandywine Manor House in Honeybrook, Pa and the exchange of vows took place in front of a lake in front with a few hundred guests looking on, which included some notable celebs in the comedy realm like Kevin Hart, who was a groomsman.

Spank, a comedian and one of the stars of Kevin Hart’s Laugh at my Pain movie, was as dapper as a don in his white tuxedo with black and white polka dot ascot.

Is this the reunion of the plastic cup boys? ūüôā

Comedian Kevin Hart was one of the groomsmen

The wedding party

This is Spank’s mom…

Jenece’s mom

The bridesmaids and groomsmen

Jenece looked like a true southern belle (even though she lives in the north) with a wedding gown that had a tight-fitting bodice that cascaded outward and flowed out with a train that was adorned with red roses.

Jenece cried as she walked hand in hand with her father Benjamin Bond. So of course I cried too because I was so happy for her. It was a surreal moment, I’m sure for her. I know all of what my friend has endured during the last 10 years and I’ve often been the one on the phone consoling her and talking her through it like good friends do. We have a great relationship and she is one of the people I dearly trust and love.


Jenece father gives away Jenece to Spank. They embrace. There’s nothing more heart-warming than seeing this exchange right here.

They’re MARRIED!! Whoo-Hoo!! Just look at the happy couple!!

Me with Kevin Hart

Once the ceremony was over, the party began inside a beautiful tent adorned with sparking lights above that made it look like stars were shining. And they were: Kev Hart was in the building as well as fellow comedians Toure, Lil Duval, Buckwild, Naim and more.

The wedding and reception was a stellar event and very classy. Spank and Jenece made sure this event was highpost! First we ate  hors de vous that ranged from crab cakes, to chicken, to beef sliders to barbecued shrimp to drinking a special Pineapple Horton Martini, mixed with Hpnotiq. We toasted to the bride and groom with a glass of Cristal ($200 a pop), we dined on moist, succulent salmon and asparagus, while other dined on Steak or Chicken. High Post! Wow. They did it up!


Kevin Hart made a very sincere toast to Spank and talked about his recent divorce saying that he “did not do it right.” Kevin urged Spank and Jenece to show us all what true love is and do it right and stay married for the long haul. The two matrons of honor talked about their longtime relationship with Jenece which stemmed from high school for her friend Shannon. And matron of honor Redis has been knowing Jenece since childhood. Both spoke highly of Jenece and their love for their friend who everyone adores because of her honesty and loyalty.

After that the party began.

Kevin Hart doing the Dookie-Squat dance!

Buckwild getting his JAM on!

Here’s goes the garter…


It was so much fun. The guys battled in a dance competition that was truly hilarious. I couldn’t get good video because of the lighting. But trust me it was fun.
Here’s a bit of it:

Kevin Hart of course was cutting up and keep the fun flowing and kept us laughing.

Me and Toure

Comedians Rich Salter and Naim

I guess I know the wives of a lot of comedians because this is Tracey Salter, Rich’s wife.¬† Tracey and I are childhood best friends. I don’t know a moment in my childhood that didn’t include Tracey. She’s more like family.

Thank you to Jenece and Spank and letting me share in this wonderful moment with you two. I wish you love and prosperity and continued success and COMMITMENT to one another for a lifetime. Marriage is as easy or as hard as you make it. So choose to make it easy. Just respect one another and all else will fall into place. The hard part is over. Now bask in the joy of now being totally committed as a couple. I love you guys and Jenece you know you can call me to get any marriage advice! It’s always great to have married friends with successful marriages! Enjoy your wonderful honeymoon. Jenece told me they have an all expense paid honeymoon to an exclusive place (I won’t mention), gifted by Kevin Hart!

Here’s to many wonderful years to come! CONGRATULATIONS!


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  1. Born27 May 22, 2012 at 9:42 am -

    Oh man! I was so excited to see all the wedding photos, unfortunately I have a poor connection right. Gosh! I want to see Jenece’s gown!
    Congratulations to Spank and Jenece…

  2. Laura May 22, 2012 at 4:33 pm -

    Well done Jenece and Spank! I wish you all the best, I am getting married in a months time so just looking at anything wedding related online and getting really excited!

  3. Tami May 23, 2012 at 7:05 am -

    Great colors for a wedding. Looks like you had a great time

  4. Heidi19 May 23, 2012 at 11:47 pm -

    Best wishes to Spank and Jenece! They really look good together.. Thanks for these wedding photos!