Wordless Wednesday: When Rest Calls

May 30, 2012 Comments Off on Wordless Wednesday: When Rest Calls
Wordless Wednesday: When Rest Calls

Cincomom is sick. My body’s calling it in…

I woke up about 2a.m. with some excruciating pain in my left side which radiated down my left leg. It was so bad I couldn’t go back to sleep and it had me doubled over in pain. And during the whole time my only thoughts were not to get to the hospital right away, but to endure the pain long enough so I could get my kids to camp because I didn’t want to ruin their day.

As a mom it’s all about family first and I definitely want to make sure my kids are happy and don’t suffer unnecessarily even if I’m in bad pain. But this year I’ve realized I’ve put everyone and everything ahead of my own needs. So much so that I’ve neglected my own health. Now my body’s calling it in and telling me in a very poignant way that I need to slow down.

And I hear the call loud and clear.

I do a LOT day after day. And I’m sure people have no idea what it takes to run a successful business. It’s more work than you would ever do working for someone else. Not only that but I’m a mom of five kids. My kids have demands and needs and so does my husband. Thank God he is such a supportive force or I wouldn’t be able to do half of what I do without him.

I’ve had a busy year ripping and running across the globe, planning, organizing, leading and running my business, managing my family and starting tomorrow a major change will come in my family: My daughter is moving in to the Georgia State dorms and I will take full care of my granddaughter full-time while she lives on campus and pursues her degree. I know, I know, I have my plate too full.

How will I do all of this? Well, I will pray a lot because God knows what I need. Also I will slow things down a bit because I truly have to. My body has spoken. I have come to realize that working 12 hours a day, being a mom to five kids and a grandmom and a wife and a businesswoman has its limits.

Since January of this year I have been going non-stop like crazy working hard on my business and I need to slow down. That’s hard to do for me, a Type-A personality and somewhat of a perfectionist. But one thing I will do is listen, especially when my body comes calling.

These next few weeks are two of the busiest weeks I will have so far this year. And I make this promise, after I get through these next few weeks I WILL slow everything DOWN this summer so I can relax a little more. It’s what every mom HAS to find time to do. I haven’t listened until now.

I still have to follow up with my doctor because the pain persists and the medicine I’m taking only masks the pain. Keep me in prayer and if it looks like I’m still being a busy-bee, please feel free to remind me to put the reins on it and SLOW DOWN! Thanks everyone for all your well wishes.


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