I’m Proud to be Recognized as a Local Lady Godiva! #ladygodivaprogram

June 8, 2012 Comments Off on I’m Proud to be Recognized as a Local Lady Godiva! #ladygodivaprogram
I’m Proud to be Recognized as a Local Lady Godiva! #ladygodivaprogram

As the legend is told, Lady Godiva rode unclothed on horseback through the streets in protest of the taxation imposed on her townspeople by her husband, the Lord of Coventry. During her ride, the townspeople stayed indoors to preserve her modesty and thank her for her generosity. Lady Godiva’s courage prevailed and the taxation was lifted.

It is with that notion that GODIVA proudly introduces the Lady GODIVA Program which celebrates inspirational women around the world.

And this MUST be the season of nominations because I was nominated as a Local Lady Godiva! The program supports extraordinary women who embody the spirit of Lady Godiva through her attributes of selflessness, generosity and leadership. I am honored. Thank you to my friend Author Daaimah S. Poole for nominating me.


I am so very honored that so many people think that the work I do to help babies in need by providing diapers to them is a cause worth cheering about. I am truly humbled by this nomination and so thankful and hope that this is give me the opportunity to get much need funds for Atlanta Diaper Relief. Donations are scarce and getting them is always challenging.

Supporting at a Local Level

Every season, GODIVA will recognize and award women in local communities who make a difference every day. The Local Lady GODIVA nominees will be featured on the Lady GODIVA Program website and through social media channels to inspire others to give back. Three finalists each season will be awarded a monetary donation toward their cause and an Annual Local Lady GODIVA Honoree will receive $10,000 to support her work.

I would truly love to win 10,000 for this cause. I would be able to hire someone to deliver diapers instead, pay for our storage facility for a year, get storage shelving and open up our operations to other areas of Georgia that we could not before… and do so much more!

So please take a minute and vote EVERYDAY until June 28th! I need everyone to help me win and get Atlanta Diaper Relief to the finals. Thank you so very much for caring enough to click and vote!

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