50 Kids Brought their A-Game to the @Macy’s Spelling Bee!

August 27, 2012 Comments Off on 50 Kids Brought their A-Game to the @Macy’s Spelling Bee!
50 Kids Brought their A-Game to the @Macy’s Spelling Bee!

Contestants from age 8 to 11 brought their A-game to the 7th annual Macy’s Spelling Bee on Saturday.

The nervous bunch of little bees clutched their number tags and held tight to the hope that they would be able to out-spell their rivals for a chance to win an I-Pad, $100 Macy’s gift card, $50 gift card from Scholastic and a year’s worth of Tutoring from Kaplan. Reading Is Fundamental sponsored the event as well.

Radio Disney was in the house and rocked it for the kid contestants, proving that getting them to boogie just a little was a great way to loosen them up in preparation for their verbal debuts.

After the dancing, it was time for the Bee to get underway. One by one, each of the 50 contestants stepped up to the mic and spelled out easy words at first and then as each round advanced the words got harder and more complex.

Midway through the competition, this contestant stole the show by asking the judges if they could SING the word they asked him to spell. The word was WEIRD; then he asked them if they could give him an easier word and lastly he proceeded to jump and shout and spell the word, which had the audience laughing and cheering for him. Unfortunately a ding by the bell meant he spelled the word wrong and he wasn’t too quick to leave the stage either. I thought the kid was quite cute and entertaining.

Words like Edges, Contagious, Belligerent and Weird stung the contestants and one by one the Bees dropped out of the competition like flies.I brought my two daughters to the competition but they didn’t compete. Next year, it’s ON for sure. My youngest daughter Mikaela was sure could take those words on!

Congratulations to all the kids who tried out for the Spelling Bee. You are all winners.


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