Atlanta Diaper Relief ESCAPES with @Ford_Southeast!

August 29, 2012 Comments Off on Atlanta Diaper Relief ESCAPES with @Ford_Southeast!
Atlanta Diaper Relief ESCAPES with @Ford_Southeast!

I had an amazing week rolling around in style in a new 2013 Ford Escape!

As part of Ford’s Escape for a Day initiative, Ford loaned Atlanta Diaper Relief a vehicle to help me deliver diapers this week.

And there’s nothing like a tech-savvy vehicle to make my transport easier. And at least for a few days I did not have to worry about the trunk of my car falling on my head while loading diapers because the Escape has a hands-free lift-gate that opens with a swift kick under the car.

There were also neat features like a voice-activated navigation system that you give commands and it finds your route and displays it on the dashboard console. That’s quite a relief from trying to type in numbers on a hand-held GPS. I also enjoyed features like the blind-spot light that illuminates in the side-view mirror when a car creeps up in that spot where you can’t see them. And did I mention this was a keyless car? There’s a special keyless key that you can carry in your purse or pocket and as long as it’s on you and you approach the car, it will open! And the car will start as long as it senses the key on you. And to start the car you press the break and push a button. Gotta LOVE technology!

There’s just SO much to LOVE about this vehicle! It was hard to say goodbye and give it back and to go back to a totally antique out-dated vehicle like my Caravan. But I truly enjoyed the Escape and having it for a few days helped to make my transport so much smoother. Thank you to the Ford Motor Company for including Atlanta Diaper Relief in this WONDERFUL initiative. Thank you to Katie Spillman and to KP Smith and Ford Southeast for kindness and consideration and help in making this possible for Atlanta Diaper Relief. And KP’s door-to-door customer service is unmatched! Thank you KP for making it easy for a mom of five to meet up with you! I truly appreciate you for going out your way to make it an unforgettable experience. I am forever a Ford fan. Now I just have to GET A VEHICLE LIKE THAT INTO MY LIFE!!

Check out my video on my Unforgettable Week with the new Ford 2013 Escape!


Check out what the 2013 Escape has to offer!

2013 Escape:

The all-new Ford Escape, which hits the road this year, is the smarter utility vehicle. It brings America’s SUV-loving customers the versatility they crave, the technologies they desire and the highway fuel economy that, until now, they’ve only dreamed of – all wrapped in a modern design.

Green Escape:

Components made form the environmentally friendly material sprout up all across the all-new Ford Escape which is expected to attain class-leading fuel economy as well as be a minimum of 85% recyclable! Here’s a look at some of the key green parts of the Escape:

· Contains 100 percent recycled tires

· The vehicle is 85% recyclable

· Contain 100 percent recycled plastics

· Carpet made from 25 recyled 20-ounce plastic bottles!

· Seats and head restraints made of soy foam

· Contains more than 10 pounds of scrap cotton from recycled blue jeans, sweaters and T-shirts!

Efficient Escape:

Ford Escape will offer the broades reach yet of Ecoboost, with two Ecoboost engines available:

· 1.6 liter

· 2.0 liter

· 2.5 liter

Clever Escape:

Ford’s all-new hands-free liftgate debuts on the 2013 Ford Escape. With a simple kick underneath the rear bumper, the trunk opens AND closes for you!

Safer Escape:

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