Cincomom Sews! How I Found My Happy!

August 30, 2012 Comments Off on Cincomom Sews! How I Found My Happy!
Cincomom Sews! How I Found My Happy!

My life is hectic. It just is.

Between dealing with my kids, trying to be attentive to each and every one of them and their unique personalities which run me ragged, sifting through homework nightly and dealing with them just being the kids they are, I get pretty tired because everyone wants my attention. All.The.Time.

It’s as if I don’t even have a husband because they never ask him for a darn thing. (He’s very supportive though.) And I’m so tired of the mountains of paper that comes home with from school. I have to sign this, read that, keep this, discard that. Lawd Jesus I just want to set it all on fire!

And then I have to be a wife, clean the house, wash clothes, and ya know, my husband has needs too. And let’s not forget cooking or managing my business and blog. Well, I admit, some days it’s just every man and child for themselves. Yea, it just gets like that.

I immediately got a sewing machine and I felt a gush of relief. A release, a calmness. And it was fun, fun, fun! And I was happy, happy, happy!For two hours, I practiced sewing lines on paper, and I found two patterns and started cutting them out and reading the instructions. I felt good. And for that moment in time, it was ALL ABOUT ME. No kids, no husband, no cooking, no cleaning, no worries.

And you know, that’s what I have been missing in my life. I am EVERYTHING to my husband and kids and I never do anything for myself. Hell, I’ve been wearing a wig for months because I haven’t taken the time out to get my hair done! And everyone who knows me knows I have a head FULL of hair. (Just look at my Cincomom profile pic!) I never even take a spa day and I have realized that I need a hobby like this so I can just enjoy the pleasures of doing something other than wiping snotty noses and being a mommy referee to tweens.

And I never thought I’d find so much pleasure in sewing. It’s serene.

I’m making a winter coat and a very nice dress with a shawl. Isn’t this just lovely?

Here is the outfit I’m working on.

But tell my husband to slow his roll because he asked me to sew up his pants the other day after one sewing class. And I’d say I jacked them up pretty good!

But, I’ll soon learn. 🙂



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