Help a Little Girl Realize Her Golden Dream

August 5, 2012 Comments Off on Help a Little Girl Realize Her Golden Dream
Help a Little Girl Realize Her Golden Dream

There are so many little girls across the land who are just as talented as Gabby Douglas in their own right. But then there are so many parents like me who are frustrated at how much it costs to help make our kids dream come true. And for me, I’ve got FIVE, count them, FIVE kids and each one has their own unique talent. Do I chose to help one reach their goal while the others dreams are deferred.

It’s a tough choice for parents these days. My 9-year-old Kaitlin has been telling me for years she wants to be a fashion designer. And I’ve done what I could her. You know, basically I bought her a sewing kit, gave it to her and hoped for the best. That didn’t work. But one day I was watching Fox 5 news and saw a story about a sewing school for kids called Sew Creative Prep. I jumped out of my seat with joy. It was like God was telling me something. I promised Kaitlin I would ultimately get her enrolled and she could go to that school and learn how to be a fashion designer.

Money’s tight for us, because running your own business is not a walk in the park at all. But as promised I finally got Kaitlin enrolled in Sew Creative prep and now she’s on her way to making some beautiful creations. She even learned to use a sewing machine her first day there. This is her dream and we’ve taken the beginning baby steps to help her realize it. But truthfully sometimes it takes a village to help keep a dream alive. Just ask Gabby Douglas’ mom who sent her daughter away to Iowa to live with a family she didn’t know, just so Gabby could have a chance at being an Olympic champion. Everybody pitched in and now Gabby’s the golden child.

I know I’ve got a talented kid. Kaitlin is very serious about anything she does. She not only did well on the state mandated CRCT, she EXCEEDED the tests making damn-near perfect scores. And she’s always at the top of her class.
She tends to her school work like she’s running a business. She doesn’t play around, takes it seriously, puts in the time and effort and expects stellar results. Nothing less. And with fashion I know she will apply the same principles that will ultimately make Kaitlin a top Fashion Designers- one day. I have no doubt. It will happen.!home/mainPage

Kaitlin has a website!home/mainPage and we ask that you please contribute to her New York Fashion Week Fund. This is an opportunity for her to go to New York with Sew Creative Prep, and see a real live runway Fashion Show. We need to pay for airfare and hotel accommodations asap. Her teacher Vennise Johnson is collecting funds as we speak.

All the information is on her website and there’s a link to make a donation. We ask for $10 but welcome more, more, more! If you want to donate more than $10 you can indicate another amount or send a payment directly to the paypal address

Please visit Kaitlin’s site!home/mainPage to make a contribution.
Thank you in advance for helping Kaitlin’s dream come true. This will be an eye popping experience for Kaitlin to go to New York City at the height of the most elite fashion week.

Help Kaitlin to realize her her golden dream. Thank you.

Kaitlin and her teacher Vennise Johnson


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