Help Beat Breast Cancer by First Supporting the Cause

August 6, 2012 Comments Off on Help Beat Breast Cancer by First Supporting the Cause
Help Beat Breast Cancer by First Supporting the Cause

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Just the other day I had an intimate conversation with a friend who was diagnosed with cancer and has been fighting and beating it for the past year. I won’t mention her name but I was just so touched and moved because she is such a loving and sweet person, married with no kids and she shared her thoughts of finally having a baby with the help of a gestational carrier.

Her whole ordeal just laid heavy on my heart. So I just wanted to write about the Breast Cancer Society and what each of us can do to help others in need. Although my friend had another kind of cancer, breast cancer is seemingly one that is most familiar with people. I am a person who stands behind helping a good cause so I just want to encourage everyone to take a minute to think about what YOU CAN DO TO HELP SOMEONE ELSE.

Sometimes we all get so consumed in our little lives that we don’t think something tragic can happen to us. But it can in the blink of an eye. Don’t wait until you are diagnosed or someone you know dies and then get behind a cause. Do it now.

Believe it or not, by the time a woman reaches 20 years of age, she is, to some degree, susceptible to breast cancer.

Here are a few quick tips and breast cancer info and tips to help you to stay healthier:
*Abstain from overconsumption of alcohol

*Get plenty of regular exercise

*Maintain a healthy diet which reduces your risk of getting breast cancer (but it does not completely free you from the possibility of developing the disease.)

*Perform a self-exam monthly–they are an easy way to check for suspicious lumps.

There are numerous web sites – including this one – with instructions and videos for the self exams.

I love my friend and wish her continued wellness. And cancer is definitely one of the causes I will support to help women like her live and thrive.

Donate today.

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