#WordlessWednesday: After 16 years, Team USA’s “Fabulous Five” bring home the Gold!

August 1, 2012 2 Comments »
#WordlessWednesday: After 16 years, Team USA’s “Fabulous Five” bring home the Gold!

We DID IT!! Words can’t express how proud we are of the USA Olympic gymnastics team who won the GOLD!

This Olympic moment is an ode to the moms and dads who work tirelessly ushering their kids to gymnastic classes and paying hundreds of thousands of dollars year after year to help their kid one day realize the dream of getting the gold. I’ve got a few kids flipping around here myself and I know just what it takes to keep them occupied and involved in activities. My daughter Kaitlin wants to be a fashion designer and Mikaela wants to be a gymnast/cheerleader/comedian (go figure). 🙂

So a BIG congratulations to the five fabulous gymnasts who won the GOLD!

Congratulations to Gabby, Jordyn, Aly, Kyla and McKayla AND their moms and dads!

We know the girls are excited they have lived out their dream after years of excruciating hard work. But I can’t imagine what the PARENTS are feeling at this culminating moment in history! I know I would be dancing in the streets!


1. Gabby Douglas: A little bit surprisingly, 16-year-old Gabby Douglas beat out Jordyn Wieber this weekend by .1 points for the No. 1 and only guaranteed spot on the Olympic team.

2. Jordyn Wieber: Coming in second to Douglas, Wieber has been considered the best gymnast in the world for some time now and is the 2011 all-around winner at the World Championships.

3. Aly Raisman: Another  very strong gymnast and one who competes in all four events, Ali Raisman is the 2012 Secret U.S. Classic all-around winner.

4. Kyla Ross: Ross came in second to Aly Raisman by .550 points at the Secret U.S. Classic, proving she’s just as good as Raisman and that they’re almost as good as Weiber and Douglas.

5. McKayla Maroney: Although Maroney suffered a slight concussion a few weeks ago, it didn’t seem to hurt her performance at trials this weekend. Maroney specializes in the Amanar vault, a move that’s incredibly difficult to pull off—yet she does it night after night.

Elizabeth Price, Ali Li, and Sarah Finnegan will also be traveling to the Olympics this year as alternates.

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  1. BusyWorkingMama August 1, 2012 at 7:51 pm -

    I heard that on NPR this morning. Good for them! We don’t have TV service and this is the first time I’ve missed it – I would like to watch some of the Olympics in my “free time.” 🙂

  2. cincomom August 7, 2012 at 10:25 am -

    Thanks for commenting!!