Thank you Linda Gail! Kaitlin’s fashion is FIERCE! New York here we come!

September 12, 2012 Comments Off on Thank you Linda Gail! Kaitlin’s fashion is FIERCE! New York here we come!
Thank you Linda Gail! Kaitlin’s fashion is FIERCE! New York here we come!

I’m just two days away from an exciting trip to New York City with my 9-year-old daughter Kaitlin and her fashion design school Sew Creative Preparatory, for Couture Fashion Week!

And getting to New York has been an adventure in itself! It wasn’t in the plan to just stop, drop and fly off to New York City; so in order to make this trip possible I decided to ask sponsors to donate to Kaitlin since she’s living out her dream by taking sewing classes to become a fashion designer. (The kid’s pretty serious about it.)

And when I put up a website in Kaitlin’s honor asking for sponsors to donate to our stay at the Waldorf Astoria, airfare for Kaitlin (I had a free flight voucher) and tickets to attend two fashion shows, surprisingly people chimed in and wanted to add their dime to the cause. The New York trip is for COUTURE Fashion Week, with some fabulous designers. And Kaitlin’s never been to NYC so the trip in itself is just a wonderful treat. But not only did we get financial help, the fabulous kid-couture clothing designer Linda Gail stepped up and offered to design a custom outfit for Kaitlin to wear at Fashion Week!

Let me say this again: we are going to Couture Fashion Week to see fabulous designers, and a well-known Atlanta fashion designer, Linda Gail, is giving my kid a custom outfit to wear? Insert a SCREAM right here! This is absolutely AWESOME and more of a blessing than you know. It’s the equivalent of a celebrity wearing a renowned fashion designer’s outfit at a red carpet event.

Linda Gail has designed clothes for celebrity kids and even designed special custom clothes for a segment on the upcoming Real Housewives of Atlanta. And she’s just one of the nicest, sweetest and down-to-earth people I know.

I met Linda last year at Polow Da Don’s charity event and I was blown away by the fashions I saw on the runway. Those were the cutest clothes ever for kids. A throwback to the 60s, where the kids used to wear the poodle skirts and the neck scarves.

And today Linda finished Kaitlin’s cute-as-can-be outfit BUT you can’t see it until after our New York trip and a followup blog post! 😉

I would like to thank Linda Gail for donating a beautiful custom-made outfit that Kaitlin and I both LOVE! I also want to thank Deshai Cole, Timothy Davidson, Charity Ford, Courtney Teague, Janice Gullette-Pugh, and Kathleen Gullette for contributing to make this trip possible for Kaitlin. Thank you for your kindness and thoughtful consideration for my baby. Thank you.

Stay tuned to read my blog post about our NYC adventure next week! Thank everyone!

Kaitlin and Fashion Designer Linda Gail



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