The Obama Girls are Back! Barack Obama secures four more years and it’ll be the toughest years for his maturing daughters

November 7, 2012 1 Comment »
The Obama Girls are Back! Barack Obama secures four more years and it’ll be the toughest years for his maturing daughters

From the way I fretted these last few months, you would have thought I actually knew the Obamas and were close personal friends. I took offense to people’s disrespectful tone and racist slurs toward my President and I was truly sick to my stomach worrying that Mitt Romney might possibly be the next President and the middle class would surely sink into a hell-hole twice the size of the mess George W left, if we didn’t get out and BaROCK the vote!

Well last night, we stood in long lines, came out in droves and made a huge difference by securing a second term for our President Barack Obama! So now he can continue to clean up the mess and finish making our country a better place for all of us to be.

But at the same time, like the proud mom I am, I see this moment as even more pivotal for those two Obama cuties, Sasha and Malia because although the next four years are monumental for their dad, they are also sentimental for two girls in the midst of the most important years of their lives.

Malia Obama is 14-years-old and growing up to be a beautiful young lady who is as tall as her mom, smart as a whip, and as athletic as an Olympian. And of course she’s into her friends and the typical things teenage girls giggle about: boys.

During the next four years, Barack and Michelle will watch Malia and her 11-year-old sister Sasha blossom into young ladies who will want to connect a little more with friends and become less interested in spending time with dear ole’ mom and dad. It makes growing up in the public eye super difficult. But Michelle definitely looks like the type of woman who will not let her girls get away from her. I sure hope not. It would be extremely disappointing to see Malia out on drinking binges like the Bush girls used to do and hanging out with so-called friends who would capture them doing something unbecoming of a presidential daughter and post it on the web for all to see.

I want the best for both Sasha and Malia because, well, they are all of our daughters. At least I know I am invested in the lives of the Obamas and wish the best for their daughters just like I want the best for my own. But I also know the teenage years are a bitch. Truly. And sometimes we lose our kids during that sensitive time. But being as though there are a lot of men with guns who follow them around, I hope that is a deterrent enough to keep any bad boys at bay! Still these young girls have a daddy in the home, which for a lot of young black girls, that’s the missing component that sometimes makes all the difference.

In any event, I will watch with wonder because in 4 short years, Malia will be a grown 18 years old and Sasha will be 15 and a spunky teen all the same. I know they will continue to make all the little girls of the world proud.

Congratulations to our First Family. From puberty to womanhood, the next four years will be a year of MANY changes.

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  1. Anthony Sanders November 8, 2012 at 8:06 am -

    Congratulations to Obama, and hope to have a prosperous 4 years to come.