@AmmazzaHQ is a cozy pizzeria with fresh, homemade pizza that hits the spot

December 12, 2012 Comments Off on @AmmazzaHQ is a cozy pizzeria with fresh, homemade pizza that hits the spot
@AmmazzaHQ is a cozy pizzeria with fresh, homemade pizza that hits the spot

Ammazza with kids

Back in Philly I loved going to a corner pizzeria because those pies were made fresh, hand-tossed in the air and most likely a big, fat Italian man was in the back singing up some old-world Italian tunes.

But those days seem so long gone and those kind of pizza places seem so far-fetched. At least the kind of fresh pizza that I loved to eat where oodles of cheese just drips and slides off the pizza with ingredients that were ground and grown somewhere nearby.

But thankfully I was invited to the new Ammazza Edgewood Pizzeria located at 591-A Edwood, Ave SE, Atlanta, where the inspiration for delicious, hand-tossed pizza comes straight from Italy. The owners Hugh and Jason Connerty got it right.


When originally creating Ammazza, their goal was simple – to make the best Napoletana-style pizza. With campaigns to New York, San Francisco, Chicago and multiple tours through Italy, they’ve found inspiration in style, variation and ingredient sourcing.

ammazzaThese phenomenal ingredients are evident. I was invited along with a large group of bloggers to try out Ammazza’s pizza on Sunday. And boy you pretty much had to elbow your way over to get a piece of pizza. It was just that GOOD. I didn’t get to try my favorite – Margarita Pizza. But I already have plans to take my husband and kids BACK to Ammazza in the coming weeks because I HAVE to get me some Margarita pizza. I did try the glitter pizza, which my kids love and two other kinds of pizza. I don’t know what they were but they were quite DELICIOUS.

Glitter Pizza

This pizza is definitely high quality and you could even see the pizzamakers in action. The end result is a truly special wood-fired pizza – a proud homage to Pizza Napoletana tradition, but definitely of higher quality.

Thank you to fellow blogger, Stacie Connerty for the invite. I truly enjoyed Ammazza and plan to return with my family real soon (and I hope you all will too).

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