Being Conveniently #Charitable Once a Year is a Joke. Be Charitable All Year Long

December 26, 2012 Comments Off on Being Conveniently #Charitable Once a Year is a Joke. Be Charitable All Year Long
Being Conveniently #Charitable Once a Year is a Joke. Be Charitable All Year Long

You know, I didn’t want to even go there and write this blog post. But when one of my facebook friends DiSheka Miller called out the fake charitable folks who all of a sudden post how they are giving to the poor or collecting toys all of a sudden for the needy, and how they suddenly become kind and caring and then go back to treating people like crap all year long, I just had to write this post because frankly, DiSheka hit the nail on the head and said exactly what I have been thinking.


I have seen so many people all of a sudden become giving during the holiday season. While it’s admirable that people are doing this, unfortunately I think their heart is in the wrong place.

Many of them want to post pictures and pretend to have a heart that is good and giving. It’s funny to me especially because you all know I give ALL YEAR LONG through my non-profit Atlanta Diaper Relief and on Dec. 9th just gave away 600 toys and 10,000 diapers at a holiday party — yet some of the people I see being “conveniently charitable” collecting toys and giving to the needy, I have never seen them during the year doing ANYTHING in this regard.


I’ve even invited some folks to my MANY charitable events this year and they never showed up. If you truly have the heart to give you will find a way to do it all year long. People don’t just have problems at Christmas time. Giving kids toys doesn’t solve their family’s needs. There are people who are homeless, evicted, have no clothes, no food, incarcerated and grandparents are taking care of the kids. There are people who can’t pay their bills, lights and heat is off while the temperature dips outside to 30 and 40 degrees. There are kids daily with no coats, holes in their shoes, rips in their pants and not because they are trying to be fashionable. There’s someone who has lost their job and foreclosure is looming. There’s a woman who has been beat and with just a trashbag full of belongings, she is running and hiding her kids from her abuser.

People have REAL problems that are NOT to be played with just because you want to post your pictures ACTING as if you care! I think it’s evil and selfish to put on a facade during the Christmas season and treat needy people like pets. It’s not cute and guess what, we all see through these folks who are conveniently charitable!

Even though there are fake charitable folks, I do want to thank those who are AUTHENTIC and give all year round like celebrities like Carlton “Mr. Couture” who is Cynthia Bailey’s assistant and from the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Mr. Couture hosted my charity event Dec. 9th, but the thing I love about him is that during the year he ALWAYS remembers Atlanta Diaper Relief and donates diapers and asks me do I need anything. He makes it a year round effort to help and assist and GIVE to a cause he cares about!

Also I have to shout out DeShai Cole, the mouth of the south and popular radio talk show host of Grown Woman Talk on the Sensation Station Network. Let me just say it like this: Deshai is the real deal. While everybody else is pretending, DeShai is quick to write a check and give to this cause WITHOUT pause. Both she and her husband Tim contributed greatly to Atlanta Diaper Relief this year.

And it is VITAL to have community businesses that help to give back too. And I am thankful that celebrity baker Courtney Olivari of CEO Customcakes ALWAYS is quick to give to Atlanta Diaper Relief and has donated her cakes which are upwards of $400+ each! These are no grocery store cakes, okay! Courtney is not all about catering to celebrities as some people have a nerve to think. Courtney gives to small businesses like mine and has helped me on several occasions in such a wonderful way.

So I celebrate a few of the MANY people who are really all about it and GIVE and who are AUTHENTIC all year long and not just when it’s convenient and cute.

I am tired of people pretending, and then when it comes to giving back they have excuses during the rest of the year. I could call so many fake folks out, but it’s not even necessary. (I would shock you with what I’ve dealt with this year from folks, mainly celebrities!) They know who they are. God KNOWS who they are!

I hope that this post helps someone have a change of heart.

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